Artifact: Class Notes

These notes describe brief concepts of “rhetorical situation” and “rhetorical stance” in the genre of general class notes. The format of my notes is handwritten and includes some graphic designs. The entire concept of the relationship between the writer, subject and reader was not influential before participating in this English 101 course. This relationship connects the dots on how different papers are created and their purpose; best visually described as a triangle and the distance between the three points. Each of the three points represent either the writer (ethos), reader (pathos), or subject (logos), and their proximity to each other is represented by how familiar they are to each other. An “argument” essay, for example, is where the spotlight and concentration is on the subject. “Persuasion” essay is reader focused and an “understanding” essay is writer focused. By using these new ideas, I have been able create a deeper understanding with my writing and present the information in a matured format.

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