Artifact: First Day Introduction Note Card

On the first day of English 101, the students were assigned a note card and to introduce themselves to our peers. The note card’s instructions were to write some basic facts and one thing we were hesitant or excited about participating in this course. On my card, I wrote how troubled I was that we were going to formulate a seven to eight page paper, something of which I had never done before. I had written high school essays in their standard format of five paragraphs countless times and even wrote an essay for college admission but I was still rather nervous. This simple piece of composition paper reflects my growth as a writer and in an increase of classroom participation. It implies the lack of confidence I had in myself as a writer and the non-participatory, introvert way of being. Being able to dive into a new project and share my ideas with my peers was my aim for this course; confidence in my own work was an unconscious motivation.

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