Artifact: Peer Side-Shadowing Notes

This “side-shadowing” was beneficial to understanding where some of my writing may have been unclear or present counter questions in the margins of my essay draft. Side-shadowing is defined as peer notes to your own or as the side notes the writer makes to their own work. These notes could be questions or stating the writer’s intentions. Either way, the writing has the opportunity to vertically develop or create better understanding for the reader(s). And this vertical development is evident in my most current essay about the relationship between mentally-impaired students and the public school system. The source for this artifact was an exercise where the writer side-shadowed their own work then a peer went through and responded to the notes. My peer presented ideas as to remedy my concerns and brought attention to areas that needed to be clarified. Through this process, my questions on if the writing was effectively connecting ideas and areas that I wanted to develop where addressed, which resulted in an evolution of my writing.

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