Design Decision

At first, I was planning on creating a binder with the copies of my project in clear binder sheets, but after viewing a peer’s project on, I immediately decided to change my portfolio’s medium. is a simplified version of Facebook and has the format of almost a blog site. The site uses my profile picture and my full name, which I find creates a more personal connection to the reader. I felt using this new medium would better fit my overall project genre, which is an activist/awareness concept. Using a blog format creates the impression for social awareness through a public domain.
This public domain,, was unfamiliar to me with until I witnessed my peer’s presentation. I visually enjoyed the simple white background and structured text formats. And it almost felt like a blank canvas; a place to share my ideas without glitz and glam distracting the reader.
I organized the different components in a way that made sense to me. The first blog post is this one, Design Decisions, because I wanted the reader to understand why I made the design choices. Then the essay, the five artifacts to show my growth throughout the course, the retrospective analysis, and finally, the prospective analysis. These are ordered as such because they build off one another. I could have put the prospective before the perspective analysis but the order didn’t matter in that case.
The title is a play on words from the song “girls just want to have fun” and the second part, effective learning, are two words that summarize the overall theme of my essay. I wanted the title to be both fun and professional since my essay calls for social awareness. I’m not in love with my title but I also don’t dislike it enough to create a new one.

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