What is Tag A Tail? (Apply These 4 Secret Tools To Improve Acquire, Retain and Engage customers with Every Link You Share on Social Media. Grow Your Business From Zero to Hero in 2017)

Where customers gather, brand and business are sure to follow, and social media is no exception. Social media is getting wider than ever!

· 4.75 billion Pieces of content are shared daily on Facebook.

· There are 500 million Tweets sent each day. That’s 6,000 Tweets every second.

· Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day.

Why do we share content on social media?

Today online space is flooded with Content.

Why do we share content on social media? Why do brands and businesses share content on social media? The answer is a simple fact, we share content on social media because we are influenced by the content and we want to influence others with what influences us. The same goes to businesses and they want to convert visitors into customers and sale. Ultimate aims of social media sharing for every brand and business are converting visitors into potential customers.

Is ‘Sharing’ alone enough for your social media content strategy?

Is “sharing” enough to “convert visitor into customer or sale”? We create and share content with a great vision but are we really make use of maximum potential of content sharing “convert visitor into sale” with every link we share on social media?

Answer is big NO.

We realized that with the traditional way of sharing any content or link on social media, you can only certain extent influence your followers and fans but it is not enough to acquire, engage and interact in real-time to convert your content viewers into customers or sales. Sharing alone will not bring you anywhere. Generating ‘Traffic’ is not enough and ultimately it must be able to create ‘Value’. Value is in ‘Acquiring’ customers or sales prospects. Conventional social media sharing can generate traffic, but it can’t capture leads, or move leads down your sales funnel qualifying them, and eventually turn them into paying customers.

This is where the idea of Tag a Tail was started. It solves three major pain points (problems) in social media sharing.

1. Social media is crowded with content. How can we get attention of viewer with content we share on social media?
2. Users come to social media to connect with friends, not to make purchase decision instantly. How can business acquire information for future communication with content you share on social media?
3. Even though social media has chat option, it has built for user, not for business. Business CAN’T INITIATE CONVERSATION WITH THEIR FOLLOWERS AND FAN. How can business initiate a chat?

Tag A Tail let you check attention of your customers with every content, link or YouTube video you share on Social media without writing of single line of code and help you to acquire, retain and engage visitors with anything you share on social media.

Tag A Tail has built four innovative tails for social media sharing and many more tails development are on pipeline.

1. Button Tail

2. Form Tail

3. Chat Tail

4. Landing Tail

Button Tail: Get the attention on every link you share on social media

As a brand and business, no matter how inspiring contents share on your social media, there is always less conversion visitors into leads and it implies that you need to invest more than a content to convince content visitors to turn into your customers. Whether we are trying to sell something or trying to impress someone, we spend much of your life vying effort to get noticed. Unfortunately, sharing content in social media alone is not enough there should be something that should make appealing or inviting response from visitors. Traditionally, Call action buttons is one of the ways to check attention of customers and CTAs are common throughout the web. Tag A Tail’s Button Tail innovatively use this CTA approach and instead of embedding in web, it allows to Tag CTA to every links you share on social media and help to track, measure, and get instant insights on your own content or 3rd party contents .

See how it works:

Form Tail and Landing Tail: Help to convert visitors to subscribers

Your ideal customer is leisurely browsing articles or video shared on social media. They see your content but they are not ready to make buying decisions now. So, what would be the best thing to do? Two options; you either engage them with information that is interesting and useful for them, or acquire them for future communication. If you want to follow up for future communication, you need their contact information. There is no simple way to engage or acquire every article or video you share on social media. It involves lot of coding and need a dedicated developer to embed the function to collect information from your customer along with content you share on social media. Form Tail and Landing Tail help to tag a form to capture any information from your content viewer on any link you share. Example, you can tag awesome lead capture forms to grow your email list that would help to convert visitors into subscribers. Landing Tail has much more advance features than Form Tail.

See how it works:

Chat Tail: Can I interact with content viewer in real time talk and make a meaningful conversation in personal contextual level of your content viewer?

Everything starts with conversation. Whether you want to initiate a conversation with a new guy or girl you find attractive, a good opening conversation can help you make a memorable first impression. It can turn that first encounter with someone new into something wonderful that blossoms into lasting valuable partnerships and same goes for businesses to initiate conversation with visitors to convert into customers. Chat function is a popular option to engage with brand audience instantly and businesses invest in customer service with chat option. However, traditional live chat is broken and it is not up to date with modern chat function to make a meaningful contextual conversation. Chat Tail helps you initiate real-time conversation with your content viewers and help to make one-one level personal conversation without installing any app and all is just with a simple link. It is not just a live chat and it provides rich information about visitors (1. Where your visitor is coming from? 2. Are they returning content visitors? 3. What visitors preferred language option? 4. Are they coming using mobile or desktop? etc.)

See how it works:

Other uses of Tag A Tail

Tag A Tail is not just only tag you own content and it allows tag any third party articles you share that gives a Win-Win situation for both original content creators and people who share. Remember, Social media is all about Sharing! Sharing create a value and drive traffic to original content creator whereas take credit for people who share.

It also helps to track who’s first sharing is valuable to turn the content viral. Imagine you are a Brand; you approach several influencers on social media to make your content viral. The same article will be shared on same platforms by many influencers. How would you know who add value most to your content? Who influence most and make the content viral?

With Tag A Tail, you can tag custom link name (Example: shared by A/B/C) to the content shared. Even after several re-sharing or re-tweeting, you can track who is the original person that shared the content. That makes marketers to know who influence more and able to turn your content viral on Social Media.


Tag A Tail is a smart way of Customer Communication Tool to communicate with your audience and build your customer base through every content you share on social media. Tag A Tail is a simple and easy to use content sharing tool that allows you to tag Chat, Call-to-Action Button and Form along with any content article and Video you share on Social Media.

Tag A Tal Increases your sales revenue, boost subscriptions, easy tracking of content share, client relationships, or any business driver in one place! Your sales happen when you get your customers’ Attention. Tag A Tail is a new way to stand out in the crowd and commands action.

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