Best Lost and Found Bag & Luggage Giveaways Tags

Tag-a-bag offers the Best Lost and Found Bag & Luggage Giveaways Tags solutions , that a company can provide in a promotional event. We provide a “branded experience” specifically designed for lost and found luggage tags with new technology.

We developed a product Rlationship Management platform(PRM),which connects physical objects to the web and provides each object with a unique ID. This enables users to take “virtual ownership” over a product. This is a fresh and innovative for brands and their customers to communicate. PRM allows brands to communicate with their customers through the product, at the time it’s used.

Tag-a-bag offers the best and cool promotional items for companies. If you have lost your luggage, then these tags can help you track it by a mobile app.

Tag-a-bag’s award winning solution uses the latest technologies to deliver the next generation of bag & luggage tags.