Iran Regime Tortures Citizens; International Community Still Silent

If you wish to know how civilized a regime, look at how it treats its citizens.

Tehran, Oct 21- Soheil Arabi re-started hunger strike on Friday, October 20, 2017 after being exiled to Ward 8 at Tehran notorious Evin prison.

The imprisoned blogger has warned he will start a prolonged hunger strike if the wardens refuse returning him back to Ward 350.

Soheil had been on a hunger strike for over 52 days, including more than 4 days of a dry hunger strike, as he protests the IRGC’s (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) harassment of his family, Karen Mesoznik reported.

In November 2013, the 32-year-old Iranian blogger and Facebook activist was arrested by the IRGC’s Sarallah Headquarters agents for the contents of his Facebook posts and sentenced to hang for “insulting the prophet.” He was then tortured in the prison’s solitary confinement ward, according to the report.

Arabi posted content, including photos of the 2009 uprising and a cartoon of Khameini, under different names on eight different Facebook pages, one titled “the generation that no longer wants to be the burnt generation.”

In September 2014, combined with seven and a half years of prison, Arabi received additional charges for “insulting the Supreme Leader and “propaganda against the state,” which carried three years of prison and a fine of 30 lashes. A year later, after he conceded to writing the posts in “a poor psychological condition,” his death sentence was commuted to “reading 13 religious books and studying theology for two years.”

According to the Guardian, the state-owned Jamejam newspaper said Arabi is required to prepare a 5–10-page summary of each of the 13 religious books he is mandated to read and then write an article about religion and reference at least five to ten of those books. He is required to report to the authorities every three months on the progress of his “theological studies.”

As Arabi commenced his hunger strike, he wrote in a letter: “Today is the third year that my daughter goes to school and I am not with her. I have gone on dry and liquid hunger strike since I do not want her to see me behind bars, anymore.”

He also wrote: “I have forgiven all the injustices against myself, but I can never stay silent in the face of your [the Iranian government’s] constant and unjust harassment against my family.”

“The expression of truth is forbidden here,” Arabi penned. “We were convicted to prison-term by the judges who are the most corrupt human beings in the world,” he added.

Arabi has a young 9-year-old daughter. His wife, Nastaran Naimi, was arrested by plainclothes officers in July 2017, held for eight days, and questioned about her social media posts and international interviews in support of her husband. She was also fired from her job and now faces constant harassment and death threats.

According to the NCRI Women’s Committee, in an audio file circulating the Internet, Mrs. Farangis Mazloum, Soheil Arabi’s mother, calls out:

I am reaching out for your support. Soheil’s only crime was expressing his beliefs on his personal page (in the social networks). It has been four years that he is being tried, tortured and issued death sentences. His family were not made exception. I have had three heart attacks and a heart surgery. My only dream is to be able to hug my son once more… I am going to the Parliament on Monday to seek justice. I urge you not to leave your brother alone.

Referring to other political prisoners, she urges: “All of those who are detained there innocently must be freed.”

Soheil Arabi is one of the countless innocent Iranian citizens who has had to pay the ultimate price simply for exercising their basic human right to freedom of speech and expression. In January 2016, Iranian human rights lawyer and Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi posited that more than 800 Iranians are behind bars, “imprisoned for their political beliefs, their journalism or their human rights work.”

In the RSF’s (Reporters Without Borders) 2017 World Press Freedom Index, Iran is ranked 165th out of 180 countries.


Iran Tightens Its Grasp on Telegram Use

Mohammad Nazari, 46, was arrested in Bukan, West Azerbaijan province of Iran on May 30, 1994, on the vague charges of “acting against national security” and Moharebeh (enmity against God) through an alleged effective membership of Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan.

Photo Credit by IranHRM.

Mr. Nazari was transferred to prison in Mahabad after being jailed in detention of Iran’s Intelligence Service in Bukan for three months.
He was sentenced to death by Branch 1 of the Islamic revolutionary Court in absentia. The prisoner was deprived of the rights of having a lawyer.
The death sentence was commuted to a life-time imprisonment on May 30, 1999 after the general amnesty by the Supreme Leader of Iran.
Further, the political prisoner Mr. Nazari should be released four years ago under the Iran’s Islamic Penal Code which was approved in 2013. The latest Islamic Penal Code version announces that the life-time imprisonment should be reduced to a 15-year prison term, but, his release has so far been prevented because of the illegal interference by security agents.
He has frequently started prolonged Hunger Strikes coming out in objection to the unknown situation he has been undergone. He started a Hunger Strike on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 for the first time which lasted for 48 days. He sewed his lips.
He is on a prolonged Hunger Strike in Rajai Shahr prison since 83 days ago. He started the Hunger Strike till his demands (fair trial) to be met.
The hunger Striker prisoner was reportedly transferred to hospital last week in total silence as well as no one heard where he has been hospitalized. The agents returned him back to the prison after 12 hours. He’s on the 84th day of his Hunger Strike.

Read the part of Mohammad Nazari’s open letter from the prison;

Dear World,
I am the loneliest prisoner in the city! The city where is entangled with its prison name. The city where no one heard my voice after a 81-day Hunger Strike. No helper found here.
I Mohammad Nazari am behind the bars since 24 years ago in the prisons of Mahabad, Urmia and Rajai Shahr.
I want neither release nor furlough, but law enforcement.
Where are you the people?
I will continue my Hunger Strike until death.
Mohammad Nazari
Rajai Shahr Prison
Thursday, October 18, 2017

Regardinglly, Iranian activists run a PETITION to SIGN demandnding that the international community bring all possible pressure to bear upon the Islamic Republic of Iran to honor its binding human rights by IMMEDIATELY and UNCONDITIONALLY releasing Mohammad Nazari from prison, canceling his ILLEGAL imprisonment and dropping all equally ILLEGAL charges against him.


The Tragic Tale of Imprisoned Couple Arash and Golrokh

Arash Sadeghi and his wife Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee, photo credit by Google.

Wardens exiled Arash Sadeghi to Rajai Shahr last from Ward 350 of Evin week to bring a pressure upon him tightening the prison conditions as well as no one can bear.

Arash Sadeghi’s last arrest was on June 7, 2016 and he had been held in Evin Prison before the exile. He was held in Evin’s Ward 8 amongst prisoners who are charged with serious offences such as robbery, embezzlement, fraud and forgery.

“Ward 350 is heavily guarded and severely isolated section allegedly run by the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence where prisoners of conscience are locked up in. The ward has limited contact with the outside world.”

Arash Sadeghi was sentenced to a 15-year prison term by branch 15 of Tehran’s revolutionary court, presided by the corrupt Judge Salavati. In the same court hearing, Golrokh was sentenced to six years in prison. Arash had a previous four-year suspended imprisonment sentence in which Salavati activated in the court hearing, thus condemning Arash to a total of 19 years in prison. Both Arash and Golrokh were deprived of their right to a lawyer during the hearing.

Prior to his 15-year prison sentence, Arash was sentenced to six years in prison, which was eventually reduced to one year in prison and four years of suspended imprisonment. The charges against him include: “Gathering and colluding against national security “, “Propaganda against the regime “, “Insulting the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran “, and “Spreading false news in cyberspace “.

Arash Sadeghi, a Masters of philosophy student who is barred from his education by the regime, was first arrested in July 2009. The nonviolent civil rights defender has been in and out of prison since then and has been severely tortured by his interrogators. Throughout these seven years of repeated imprisonment, Arash has launched several hunger strikes to protest against his unjust sentence and the unlawful behavior and actions of the Iranian regime’s authorities.

Despite the decline in his health, authorities have frequently prolonged Arash’s imprisonment, kept him in solitary confinement for long durations, physically and psychologically abused him, and tortured him through depriving him of his right to adequate medical care. As a result of the physical tortures inflicted on Arash during interrogations, he has suffered a broken shoulder and broken ribs and still continues to suffer from these injuries today. Arash is in need of medical treatment for his injuries caused by the hunger strikes and tortures he endured.

Arash has had an extremely painful experience in these seven years. Among the worst was arguably when his mother died during a violent house raid by Iranian regime authorities on October 30, 2010. According to close sources, Arash’s mom died as a result of the shock of the raid.

Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee was nabbed at her house by IRGC forces early morning on October 24, 2016. The agents kicked down the door to her home and entered without an arrest warrant, according to her relatives. She was reportedly taken to Evin Prison and held in the women’s ward. Golrokh is charged with “Insulting Islamic sanctities” (blasphemy) for an unpublished fictional story she had written in her journal about “stoning”, according to various confirmed sources.

The citizens in Iran are being persecuted, arrested, tortured by the tyrants of Tehran in total silence; ABSURD! The six superpowers turn a blind eye to the crimes and agreed over the ambiguous Iran Deal looking for their interests in Iran.

Once again, it should be noted that none of the Iran Deal partners talk on Human Rights issues in the country. And now, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini works to preserve the worst deal ever without considering Human Rights violations in Iran.

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