Statistics of Killed and Detainees during 2017–18 Iranian protests

kaveh Taheri
Jan 7, 2018 · 10 min read
IRANIANS cry out their basic rights through the peaceful anti-regime protests across the country. It’s our turn to STAND with the brave people to achieve freedom.

At least 29 individuals have been killed by security forces during #IranProtests since December 28, 2017, dozens of people injured and 2,500 people reportedly arrested. Reports indicate that at least 501 individuals, including 108 women, only were arrested in Khoramabad, Lorestan province. At least 400 women were arrested in Izeh, Khuzestan province. The detainees have been arrested in Hamadan, Tehran, Khorasan, Lorestan, Fars, Khuzestan, Ilam, Kermanshah, Isfahan, Kurdistan, and West Azerbaijan provinces.

Iran Intelligence Service arrested at least 90 students during the recent uprising, Iran MP Parvaneh Salahshoori said.

The demonstrations were started by crowds protesting across Iran, including in Mashhad, the second-most populous city. Protests spread to over 70 towns and cities, including Neyshabour, Kashan, Kerman, Kermanshah, Kashmar, Rasht, Esfahan, Arak, Bandar Abbas, Ardabil, Qazvin, Hamedan, Sari, Babol, Amol, Shahinshahr, Shahrekord, Shiraz, Khorramabad, Zanjan, Gorgan, Zahedan, Urmia, Dorud, Yazd and Shahroud.

According to the State Prisons & Security & Corrective Measures organization of Iran; At least 280 individuals of detainees, who were arrested during Iran Protests in Ahvaz, were transferred to Sheyban prison in the city. 11 people, including 7 women, who were arrested during anti-government rallies, were transferred to Saqqez prison, says HRANA.

The European Council shamefully kept silent in the past 11 days, & fake media never covered #IranProtests news.

Iran regime have heavily suppressed the people inside the country by operating Military Rule, and it takes control across the country, according to the local reports. Uprising reported in several cities despite the high security situation inside Iran after 11 days of the protests.

Names of Some Death People:

  1. Sina Ghanbari, 23 years old, was killed in Tehran notorious Evin prison on Jan 6 because of doses methadone injection by wardens.
  2. Mohammad Ebrahimi, Ghahdijan, Isfahan province.

2. Ahmad Heydari, Ghahdijan, Isfahan province.

3. Hussein Shahab, Ghahdijan, Isfahan province.

4. Hussein Shafizadeh, Ghahdijan, Isfahan province.

5. Nematollah Shafi, Ghahdijan, Isfahan province.

6. Armin Sadeghi, 15 years old, Khomeini Shahr, Isfahan.

7. Masoud Dehkiani, Izeh, Khuzestan province.

8. Mohsen Adeli, Dezful, Khuzestan province.

9. Hamzeh Lashani Zand, Doroud, Lorestan province.

10. Hussein Reshno, Doroud, Lorestan province.

11. Behzad shasvari, Kermanshah province.

12. Arash Khedri, Masjed Soleyman, Khuzestan province.

13. Amin Ramezani, Masjed Soleyman, Khuzestan province.

14. Mehdi Kahzadi.

15. Ehsan Kheyri.

16. Mohammad Choobak.

17. Mohsen Virayeshi.

18. Asghar Haroonrashidi, Jooyabad, Isfahan.

19. Alireza Gomar, Tooyserkan, Hamadan province.

20. Nematollah Salehi, Jooyabad, Isfahan.

21. Shahab Amanallahi, Jooyabad, Isfahan.

22. ‎⁦‪Vahid Heydari is another detainee of ⁦‪Iran Protests‬⁩ who was killed by the wardens’ baton blows in Arak Jail. ⁦‪

The detainees are mostly teenagers between the ages of 16–24 years old.

Names of Some Detainees:

1. Sina Ghafari, student at Allameh University.

2. Soheil Movahedan, student at Tehran University.

3. Soheil Aghazadeh, student at Tehran University.

4. Mehdi Toopchi, student at Tehran University.

5. Hesam Hassanzadeh, student at Tehran University.

6. Omid Jamshidi, student at Kermanshah Razi University.

7. Neda Ahmadi, student at Tabriz University.

8. Ali Baratali, student at Garmsar University.

9. Siavash Amjadi, student at Allameh University.

10.Ahmad Safari, arrested in Nahavand, Hamadan province.

11.Pooriya Khazai, student at Sooreh University.

12.Mohammad Khani, student at Allameh University.

13.Aref Fathi, student at Tehran University.

14.Saha Mortezaei, student at Tehran University.

15.Mohsen Haghshenas, student at Tehran University.

16.Amin Khosravi, student at ، Tarbıyat Modarres Unıversıtyç

17.Ehsan Mohammadi, arrested in Tehran.

18.Peyman Geravand, student at Tehran University.

19.Negin Aramesh, student at Tehran University.

20.Faezeh Abdi Poor, student at Allameh University.

21.Mohammad-Amin Osanloo, student at Tehran University.

22.Pedram Pazireh, student at Tehran University.

23.Sina Omran, translator, arrested in Tehran.

24.Meysam Sharif, student at Tehran University.

25.Amin Mohseni, 21 years old, arrested in Ahvaz.

26.Behnam Ansari, 27 years old, arrested in Kazeroun, Fars province.

27.Shahriyar Farhadi, 22 years old, Khoramabad, Lorestan province.

28.Ashkan Absavaran, arrested in Tehran.

29.Sajjad Kouchaki, arrested in Izeh, Khuzestan province.

30.Saeed Aghasi, arrested in Izeh, Khuzestan province.

31.Tahmaseb Soltani, arrested in Izeh, Khuzestan province.

32.Mohammad Tajmiri, Foulad Shahr, Isfahan.

33.Nima Hazrati, arrested ın Karaj.

34.Mohammad Javaheri, student at Tehran University.

35.Leyla Husseinzadeh, student at Tehran University.

36.Sina Rabie, student at Tehran University.

37.Mikaeil Gholirad, student at Tehran University.

38.Mohammad Mohamadian, student at Tehran University.

39.Mehdi Vahabi Sani, student at Tehran University.

40.Trokh Maleki Roozbahani, student at Tehran University.

41.Mohammad Sharifi, student at Sharif University of Technology.

42.Sama Derakhshani, student at Allameh University.

43.Majid Mosafer, student at Allameh University.

44.Mohsen Shahsavan, student at Allameh University.

45.Sina Ghafari, student at Allameh University.

46.Ali Mozafari, student at Tehran University.

47.Arash Avari, student at Tehran University.

48.Daniyal Iman, student at Tehran University.

49.Amir-Hussein Elmtalab, student at Tehran University.

50.Majid Akbari, student at Tehran University.

51.Mohsen Torabi, student at Tehran University.

52.Kasra Noori, student at Tehran University.

53.Aref Fathi, student at Tehran University.

54.Mohsen Mirmohseni, student at Tehran University.

55.Mohammad Sharifi Moghadam riyabi, student at Sharif University of Technology.

56.Nabi Tardast, arrested in Kermanshah.

57.Tooran Mehraban, arrested in Urmia.

58.Moharam Saberi, arrested in Sanandaj, Kurdistan province.

59.Loghman Veisi, arrested in Kermanshah.

60.Imod Jamshidi, arrested in Kermanshah.

61.Farshid Tajmiri, arrested in Hamadan.

62.Yasaman Mahboobi, arrested in Tehran.

63.Hesam Husseinzadeh, arrested in Tehran

64.Ali Asadi, arrested in Tehran.

65.Mohammad Khani, arrested in Tehran

66.Mohsen Torabi, arrested in Tehran.

67.Amin Rezaei, arrested in Zahedan.

68.Yasin Mirzaei, arrested in Zahedan.

69.Omid Arsalan Pejman, arrested in Zahedan.

70.Mohammad Ahmadian Heravi, arrested in Tehran.

71.Vahid Mazhari, arrested in Kermanshah.

72.Mohammad-Reza Sarvari, arrested in Sabzevar.

73.Abbas-Ali Dadi, unknown situation.

74.Faramarz Omidi, arrested in Kermanshah.

75.Yaser Habibi, arrested in Kermanshah.

76.Shams-al-Din Kakei, arrested in Kermanshah.

77.Hamzeh Rahnama, arrested in Kermanshah.

78.Azad Taghizadeh, arrested in Kermanshah.

79.Gholam-Ali Mosavar, arrested in Kermanshah.

80.Iraj Hamidi, arrested in Urmia.

81.Yazdan Farajzadeh, arrested in Ilam.

82.Sara Jamshidi, arrested in Ilam.

83.Soleyman Abdi, arrested in Ilam.

84.Saman Arghavani, arrested in Ilam.

85.Mozafar Rahmani, arrested in Ilam.

86.Mohammad Masoumi, arrested in Ilam.

87.Loghman Karami, arrested in Ilam.

88.Hadi Karami, arrested in Ilam.

89.Javad Karami, arrested in Ilam.

90.Farhad Karami, arrested in Ilam.

91.Slaman Abdullahi, arrested in Ilam.

92.Mahmoud Chamangol, arrested in Ilam.

93.Roohollah Arghand, arrested in Ilam.

94.Laleh Aghaei, arrested in Ilam.

95.Abbas Arghand, arrested in Ilam.

96.Hafez Abdullahi, arrested in Ilam.

97.Jabraeel Zarei, arrested in Ilam.

98.Ali Zarei, arrested in Ilam.

99.Mahmoud Masoumi, arrested in Ilam.

100. Ali Sharafi, arrested in Ahvaz.

101. Salah Mazraeh, arrested in Abu-Hamzeh.

102. Nabi Mazraeh, arrested in Abu-Hamzeh.

103. Fallah Mazraeh, arrested in Abu-Hamzeh.

104. Emad Damani, arrested in Ahvaz.

105. Ali-Akbar Asakereh, arrested in Shadegan.

106. Majid Asakereh, arrested in Shadegan.

107. Mahmoud Haziravi, arrested in Ahvaz.

108. Javad Kheybar, arrested in Kermanshah.

109. Ali Haghi, arrested in Kermanshah.

110. Arjang Zargoosh, arrested in Kermanshah.

111. Omid Jalal, arrested in Urmia.

112. Vali Amiri, arrested in Kermanshah.

113. Jamshid Khosh Avaz, arrested in Sanandaj, Kurdistan province.

114. Bahman Tafzalinasab, arrested in Dehdasht, Kuhgilouyeh and Boyer-Ahmad.

115. Behnam Ghaedi, arrested in Dehdasht, Kuhgilouyeh and Boyer-Ahmad.

116. Ali-Reza Moeinian, arrested in Tehran.

117. Ghader Dalan, arrested in Urmia.

118. Abdul-Jabar Khaledi, arrested in Kermanshah.

119. Shahla Vahdat Poor, arrested in Urmia.

120. Khosro Kurdpour, the Chief of Mokeriyan News, arrested in Mahabad.

121. Sajjad Askari, arrested in Ahvaz.

122. Karim Oghbavi, arrested in Ahvaz.

123. Shayan Allasvandi, arrested in Ahvaz.

124. Sajjad Alaei Faradineh, arrested in Ahvaz.

125. Behzad Alikenari, arrested in Ahvaz.

126. Mahmoud Alikhani, arrested in Izeh, Khuzestan province.

127. Arash Alizadeh, arrested in Ahvaz.

128. Ayatollah Alizadeh, arrested in Ahvaz.

129. Mohammad Alizadeh, arrested in Ahvaz.

130. Amin Oveidi, arrested in Ahvaz.

131. Abbas Abashi, arrested in Khoramshahr, Khuzestan province.

132. Ali Abashi, arrested in Khoramshahr, Khuzestan province.

133. Ahmad Abdizadeh, arrested in Ahvaz.

134. Jasem Arlavi, arrested in Khoramshahr, Khuzestan province.

135. Mehdi Gholami, arrested in Ahvaz.

136. Hasan Alizadeh, arrested in Shadegan, Khuzestan province.

137. Amin Gheybi, arrested in Ahvaz.

138. Hajivar Gheybi, arrested in Ahvaz.

139. Heydar Fateri, arrested in Ahvaz.

140. Alireza Fakhraei Poor, arrested in Ahvaz.

141. Amir Farjafari, arrested in Ahvaz.

142. Alireza Farhadifard, arrested in Abadan.

143. Mohammad-Reza Farhadifard, arrested in Abadan.

144. Mehdi Farhadifard, arrested in Abadan.

145. Vahid Gheysi, arrested in Ahvaz.

146. Saeed Ghanbarzadeh Mohammadi, arrested in Ahvaz.

147. Alireza Ghanbari Pirgani, arrested in Ahvaz.

148. Hani Ghoblan, arrested in Ahvaz.

149. Bahram Karavand, arrested in Izeh, Khuzestan province.

150. Meysam Kayedi, arrested in Izeh, Khuzestan province.

151. Vahid Kurdi, arrested in Ahvaz.

152. Yaser Karami, arrested in Izeh, Khuzestan province.

153. Amin Karoushabi, arrested in Ahvaz.

154. Vahid Karimi, arrested in Izeh, Khuzestan province.

155. Farhad Ka’ani, arrested in Abadan.

156. Mostafa Kolahdouz, arrested in Ahvaz.

157. Tahmas Koochaki, arrested in Izeh, Khuzestan province.

158. Reza Kouravand, Arrested in Abadan.

159. Hasan Kourkour, arrested in Ahvaz.

160. Mehran Kourkour, arrested in Izeh, Khuzestan province.

161. Sajjad Kourkhour Shareh, arrested in Ahvaz.

162. Ali Kouhram, arrested in Ahvaz.

163. Sajjad Keyshams, arrested in Ahvaz.

164. Mohammad Kiani, arrested in Izeh, Khuzestan province.

165. Yousef Kiani, arrested in Ahvaz.

166. Reza Keyhan, arrested in Ahvaz.

167. Mohammad-Ali Keyvani, arrested in Izeh, Khuzestan province.

168. Mohammad Golizadeh, arrested in Ahvaz.

169. Reza Goudarzi, arrested in Ahvaz.

170. Milad Goudarzi Moazami, arrested in Ahvaz.

171. Kamshad Goudarzban, arrested in Ahvaz.

172. Sajjad Lotficham Yousefali, arrested in Ahvaz.

173. Peyman Savari, arrested in Ahvaz.

174. Abbas Savaedi, arrested in Hmidiyeh, Khuzestan province.

175. Mohammad Sodai, arrested in Izeh, Khuzestan province.

176. Hadi Sayadi, arrested in Ahvaz.

177. Hajat Shaspour, arrested in Izeh, Khuzestan province.

178. Mohammad-Sadegh Shahneshin, arrested in Ahvaz.

179. Mohammad Sharafeh, arrested in Ahvaz.

180. Ali Sharafi, arrested in Ahvaz.

181. Ali Tashrifat, arrested in Ahvaz.

182. Atef Sharififard, arrested in Ahvaz.

183. Mehdi Shamsourian, arrested in Ahvaz.

184. Seyyed Behnam Shahabi, arrested in Ahvaz.

185. Farid Shabani, arrested in Ahvaz.

186. Mohammad Sarem, arrested in Izeh, Khuzestan province.

187. Mahmoud Salehpour, arrested in Ahvaz.

188. Kourosh Salehi, arrested in Ahvaz.

189. Kahkesh Salehi, arrested in Ahvaz.

190. Ali Sabour Boushehri, arrested in Abadan.

191. Milad Sabour Boushehri, arrested in Abadan.

192. Ghodratollah Seydi, arrested in Izeh, Khuzestan province.

193. Farid Zarghami, arrested in Ahvaz.

194. Ali Zamidan, arrested in Ahvaz.

195. Mohammad Taher Sayahi, arrested in Ahvaz.

196. Kiavash Taheri, arrested in Izeh, Khuzestan province.

197. Ali Taheri, arrested in Izeh, Khuzestan province.

198. Esmail Taheri Arpanah, arrested in Ahvaz.

199. Seyyed Mosayeb Taherian, arrested in Ahvaz.

200. Mohammad-Reza Tabibnejad Azizi, arrested in Ahvaz.

201. Ali Torfi, arrested in Ahvaz.

202. Gholam-Reza Touganian, arrested in Ahvaz.

203. Mehdi Zafarnejad, arrested in Ahvaz.

204. Roohollah Alipour, arrested in Izeh, Khuzestan province.

205. Hamid Ali Mahmoudi, arrested in Izeh, Khuzestan province.

206. Saeed Abbasi Asl, arrested in Ahvaz.

207. Ali Abbasizadeh, arrested in Ahvaz.

208. Karim Abdulkhani Motlagh, arrested in Ahvaz.

209. Mohammad Abdali, arrested in Ahvaz.

210. Hussein Abiyat, arrested in Ahvaz.

211. Abab Abiyati, arrested in Ahvaz.

212. Hussein Obeydavi, arrested in Khoramshahr, Khuzestan province.

213. Ra’ad Obeydavi, arrested in Khoramshahr, Khuzestan province.

214. Ali Obeydavi, arrested in Khoramshahr, Khuzestan province.

215. Sajjad Atabi, arrested in Ahvaz.

216. Mohammad Atabi, arrested in Ahvaz.

217. Mehdi Atabi, arrested in Ahvaz.

218. Ali-Reza Adari, arrested in Ahvaz.

219. Behnam Orianiyan, arrested in Ahvaz.

220. Abbas Aravi, arrested in Ahvaz.

221. Abbas Azizi, arrested in Ahvaz.

222. Saeed Asakereh, arrested in Shdegan, Khuzestan province.

223. Hashem Asakereh, arrested in Abadan.

224. Abdullah Buazar, arrested in Ahvaz.

225. Ahmad Beitjordan, arrested in Ahvaz.

226. Pooriya Parsa, arrested in Ahvaz.

227. Mohammad Plondarzadeh, arrested in Ahvaz.

228. Moslem Pooya, arrested in Ahvaz.

229. Parsa Pirzadeh, arrested in Ahvaz.

230. Korosh Taban, arrested in Ahvaz.

231. Yashar Turkpoor, arrested in Ahvaz.

232. Farzad Tanha, arrested in Abadan.

233. Hussein Tookan, arrested in Ahvaz.

234. Javad Tavameri, arrested in Ahvaz.

235. Saleh Jaberi, arrested in Shadegan, Khuzestan province.

236. Ali Jaberi, arrested in Ahvaz.

237. Ghasem Jaberi, arrested in Ahvaz.

238. Yaser Jasemi, arrested in Ahvaz.

239. Hussein Janizadeh, arrested in Ahvaz.

240. Reza Jamshidi, arrested in Ahvaz.

241. Amin Jamshidi, arrested in Ahvaz.

242. Saeed Joolaei, arrested in Ahvaz.

243. Mosayeb Jaraei, arrested in Ahvaz.

244. Naji Jenani, arrested in Ahvaz.

245. Yaghoub Hatamnejad Malmir, arrested in Izeh, Khuzestan province.

246. Amir-Hussein Hajipoor, arrested in Ahvaz.

247. Mahmoud Haddadi, arrested in Ahvaz.

248. Amir Haddadi Chelcheh, arrested in Abadan.

249. Hussein Hazbavi, arrested in Ahvaz.

250. Mohammad Hesamizadeh, arrested in Ahvaz.

251. Shahram Hasanzadeh, arrested in Ahvaz.

252. Dariush Hasanvand Sadeghi, arrested in Ahvaz.

253. Seyyed Ali-Reza Husseini, arrested in Ahvaz.

254. Seyyed Mojtaba Husseini Baraftabi, arrested in Izeh, Khuzestan province.

255. Abdullah Hasimi, arrested in Ahvaz.

256. Pooriya Hafizi, arrested in Ahvaz.

257. Mohammad-Amin Haghnejad, arrested in Ahvaz.

258. Mostafa Jalafi Masboobi, arrested in Ahvaz.

259. Heydar Hamdi, arrested in Khoramshahr, Khuzestan province.

260. Abdulreza Hamdi, arrested in Khoramshahr, Khuzestan province.

261. Mohammad Hamdi, arrested in Khoramshahr, Khuzestan province.

262. Kazem Hamdi, arrested in Khoramshahr, Khuzestan province.

263. Sa’ad Hamoudi, arrested in Abadan.

264. Amir Hamidi, arrested in Ahvaz.

265. Rostam Habani, arrested in Abadan.

266. Payam Heydar Delavar, arrested in Ahvaz.

267. Javad Heydari, arrested in Ahvaz.

268. Ali Heydari, arrested in Ahvaz.

269. Yousef Heydari, arrested in Ahvaz.

270. Mansour Khodabakhshi, arrested in Izeh, Khuzestan province.

271. Amin Khedri, arrested in Abadan.

272. Mohammad-Mehdi Khoramniya, arrested in Ahvaz.

273. Daniyal Khosravi, arrested in Izeh, Khuzestan province.

274. Abdullah Khosravi, arrested in Ahvaz.

275. Mohsen Khosravi Sani, arrested in Ahvaz.

276. Mehdi Gholami, arrested in Ahvaz.

277. Soheil Zolkinejad, arrested in Ahvaz.

278. Ali Behzadpour, arrested in Ahvaz.

279. Reza Bahmani, arrested in Ahvaz.

280. Faeshid Bakhtiyari, arrested in Ahvaz.

281. Abdulkarim Saeedavi, arrested in Ahvaz.

282. Sajjad Allaei Faradineh, arrested in Ahvaz.

283. Mohammad Neisi, arrested in Ahvaz.

284. Mehdi Zafarnejad, arrested in Ahvaz.

285. Hamed Bagheri Kahkesh, arrested in Ahvaz.

286. Ghasem Jaberi, arrested in Ahvaz.

287. Mohammad Bam, arrested in Abadan.

288. Hadi Sayahi, arrested in Ahvaz.

289. Shayan Mehdipoor, arrested in Ahvaz.

290. Mohammad Zhalehdoost, arrested in Ahvaz.

291. Hassan Deylamipoor, arrested in Ahvaz.

This list is being updated…

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Kaveh Taheri, Co-founder & chairman of the ICBHR.Com, is a Turkey-based Iranian Human Rights researcher & journalist who has worked exclusively on Middle East.