5 Unconventional Tips for finding time to workout.

My alarm rings at 4:15 am everyday. I shower and shave and by 4:55 I’m walking down the stairs to catch the 5am bus to work. This is where I do 12000 steps a day, 6 days a week. I work in hospitality. Two weeks morning shift and two weeks evening shift. The feeling of walking 12000 steps in formal shoes is undescribable and for women it’s high heels so I guess I have nothing to complain about. Aside from my busy schedule I still manage to fit it a much needed workout. Ranging from Yoga, 6km runs, weights, abs and core session and cardio on treadmill. Here are my tips.

1. Never go blindly into a new day.

Have a weekly schedule. Adjust your workout sessions according to you work schedule. Every Friday I get a weekly update of my schedule. I look over each day. I plan my training my sleeping and what food I will eat as much as I can. If I’m mostly evening shift my workouts will be morning. My bulk of groceries will be breakfast items such as eggs, oats and fruit. If I’m mostly working in the morning I will need to sort out a dinner plan. There’s nothing worse than leaving the gym and wondering what to eat. I constantly review my day every day.

2. You must care

If you don’t care it won’t matter how well you plan, you just won’t do it. Most people say they want to get in shape but they don’t. It’s just not important to them. Go through your list of priorities and compare where working out fits in. Try to think about why it’s important to you. Then maybe you will realise it’s the foundation of our wellbeing.

3. Workout alone in the beginning

Have you ever watched “who wants to be a millionaire?” Contestants answer multiple choice questions that increase in difficulty. They do however have 3 lifelines they can use along the way such as “ask a friend or ask the audience” The key here is not to waste the lifelines. The same goes with working out. You can start on your own learning by doing some research on training and eating. Build much needed foundation on your own. Then later tap into those lifelines, grab a friend to run with you or go to the gym together. Then you can push each other and you won’t be slowed down. You will have gained your own momentum that can carry you to being more consistent.

4. Don’t kill yourself

Most people love progress pictures, checking their weight constantly and cutting all junk food out their diet. Don’t crucify yourself for trying to get into shape. Don’t punish yourself for all the burgers you’ve eaten and beer you’ve drank. Keep it simple, keep it fun. One starting picture. First day weight and that’s it. Slowly cut out the junk food, not all at once. Eat your favorite biscuits or chocolate in moderation. I still have a carrot cake or Nutella on most days. This helps me from binging and craving sweet things the whole day. It helps me to feel human. I still eat mcdonalds and KFC on occasion. Look at my intagram stories to see my eating @tahla_n I don’t kill myself. Theres no pressure at all.

5. Take breaks but never stop

You need to be sensitive to your body and how you feel. I take breaks when my program says so, I also take breaks when my body says so. It varies on how I’m feeling. If I had a seriously long day at work I relax with some take aways and a movie. This can last for two days. Then I jump back on it the next day like nothing happened. I feel nothing as long as I don’t do it all the time. I’m in the gym the next day pumping the beats and pushing myself like it’s the last day of my life.

So what has worked for you while working out? What has kept you going or killed your progress? To see some of my running times and progress go over to my Instagram and let’s connect @tahla_n let’s share experiences and motivated each other.

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