You are Life-Long Learner and Everyone is Your Teacher

3 Months back I started a journey of Career-Prep Fellowship at Amal Academy. I was eager to know the secrets of a good professional life. But I experienced there that how to live a life. There were so many concepts and principles (Amal, Khudi, Sabr e Jameel, Eck aur Eck Giara, Humility, Positive Thinking etc.) which I leant but the best part was that I got practical examples there.

My favorite topic was ‘how to win people’ and we read many chapters of book of Daniel Carnegie. But before getting introduction to this concept Ma’am Sarah taught me this. From the very first day she met me with a very beautiful and welcoming smile. Always she was there with her smile and asking about us, this thing suggested me that how to be genuinely interested in others. And I just started following her and trying to greet her before she’d greet me.

I was considered very rude in my circle because I didn’t have idea how to manage conflicts and Ma’am Samar inculcate in me that how to give importance to views of others, how to listen each and everyone and a thing that was new for me that during all critical discussions when sometimes even she was right, she showed flexibility and agreeableness. And I gained how to behave with others.

Emotions are contagious and Ma’am Laura is true example. All the time she is very energetic and active. Her smile makes everyone smile.

Compassion is very important to feel alive and it’s possible by empathy, support, humility, kindness. But Khadija Yousaf taught me that more than all these things it’s important to spread love to feel alive. That’s why she is the Rock Star of our Fellowship.

Leadership is significant for both professional and personal life and in some situations it’s essential to lead just from behind and nothing is more important than a smile to motivate anyone. In a team some people create synergy with an attitude that ‘yes, we are listening to you and we are here to help & support you’. And I got from Sir Adnan that all this is possible with a true smile.

Key to success in professional life is dedication to your work and 3 most important things for it are: be interested in your product or work, get feedback and learn from it and last but not the least is to increase your network. With all secrets of ‘to be a good human being’ I’ve got these rules from life of Sir Benje Williams.

So, I’ve gathered these rules of a balanced life from 3 months of my Fellowship and the leading concept of all these rules is that there is a continuous process of learning and we can learn from everyone. I learnt many different ideas from my fellows. Sometimes I felt that I’m right but I got new perceptions. All of them made me able to shift old paradigms.

I remember that during sessions of our journey I used to say Salam to our security guard uncle in a very dull and unexciting manner but he always answered me very warmly. I never observed this but one day I realized that and changed my way. So, that person told me by his behavior that emotions are really contagious.

In the end I’d say whatever we learn from others it’s important to acknowledge it and be grateful to them. It will make us a positive thinker.