Chat Bots Aren’t a Fad. They’re a Revolution.
Chris Messina

Excellent article!

Why people underestimate the practical and diverse functionality of bots is beyond me, even as I partly understand it. I’m thinking the biggest reason is that people don’t understand them. Bots vary from machine learning super computers to simple IRC bots that tell you whose turn it is to do the dishes. That means that it’s very hard to define a bot, even a chat bot, specifically, as something obviously purposeful.

The thing is that exactly the opposite is true. When it comes to creating bots, your imagination is the limit. I have created a bot of my own and it was one of the most fun projects I’ve had. It’s interactive, rewarding, yet helpful and an easy automation tool. I really wish I could somehow get out there and teach a bunch of kids and teens to code by showing them how to create a simple bot on some cheap RasPis. It teaches you so many important skills, you get a self-made, helpful tool in the process and it’s just pure fun.

How they could be used for the benefit of brands and companies is something I hadn’t even thought about, as that is not my area, but it makes a lot of sense. I’m just a code monkey, but we do a lot of campaigns utilizing the newest tech, so maybe I could even pitch that as a possible idea to our company, as something for a client who is looking for something unique.

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