Quietly Growing Users++
Greg Leuch

Hey, that’s wonderful!

I found PlusPlus when I was developing my own Slack bot, earlier this year. As I like tinkering with things,.I preferred to create my own point system, but that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with your bot. I use Slack by myself, not with a team, so my needs are a little different. I’m big into gamification of things, so being able to turn anything into numbers, be it todos, links, files, notes, commits, reading things, is what I’m trying to accomplish with my bot.

Slack was something I decided to use precisely just so I could learn how to make my own bot. After looking into IRC and Telegram, Slack seemed to offer me the most. It’s very tightly integrated with other services and there are a lot of free scripts. And in Coffeescript, no less! I don’t understand why we don’t use Slack at work. We have IRC, but not everyone is on there and most of the communication is through emai. Maybe I could convince my boss to do a demo run, see all the benefits — including ++.

I’ve been reading a lot of bot related articles as of late because I’m in the works of writing one about them, myself. You’ll probably get a mention. You deserve it!

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