I’m a boring programmer (and proud of it)
Dan Kim

Instead, like a librarian I enjoy quiet and order. When code is well organized, things are easy to find and less likely to break, avoiding a bunch of noise and heartache.

I can see myself in this text. Although young and at the age where programming could easily be see as the party-all-night Silicon Valley lifestyle as seen on The Social Network.

But I like boring. I like organized, neat and pretty code. I love the feeling when you finally solve that head-scratching bug and everything works perfect again (until the next bug…).

But it’s a wonderful job for a certain mind. A lot of people imagine they’d love to make games or develop software, but when it comes down to it, they just don’t find coding interesting or can’t comprehend it. It can be frustrating and dull, but I love every minute of it, both as a hobby and (now I can finally say this!) as a job.

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