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Arrived at Khaosan road in Bangkok after about 20h flight

I am doing DIGITAL NOMAD life for 2 months in Southeast Asia🇹🇭🇱🇦🇻🇳👨‍💻👩‍💻

👀 Digital Nomad life looks so interesting!!

Sep 30, 11:49 P.M, I was packing my stuff for my long journey.

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So as I mentioned in the title, I am doing digital nomad as of Oct 2nd.

I love doing backpacker style traveling but this time is not just traveling.

・I have heard/read that many nomad people live in Southeast Asia and I am curious about that lifestyle.
・Some famous indie makers such as Pieter Levels and Andrey Azimov used to live and make products there.

And the cost of living in Vancouver is definitely expensive and I don’t like the weather there😅

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In the airplane from Vancouver to Beijing, then transit to Bangkok. Air China was actually so good
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They always gave me beers. The taste was amazing!

😱 This feels like my last chance

If I get something I am interested in, I always would like to try it first then I figure out that’s my thing or not.

How is life as a digital nomad? Does it fit me?
I just want to make sure of those things.

I feel like this is my last chance because I am 28 years old and a student in Vancouver.
I think it becomes very difficult to travel and work in overseas countries for months after I get a job.

Tokyo(I am Japanese!) or Vancouver, regardless of the city, I feel it’s hard to find a full-remote job.

So I am a student now and can spend my time flexible, which means I can/should try digital nomad now!!!!!😮

I just booked a flight ticket.

✈️ Itinerary

My itinerary is below.
Even I have been to all the places except for Danang, I am still so excited!

・Bangkok(mostly Khaosan road)
・Chiang Mai ←now!

・Vang Vieng
・Luang Prabang

・Ho Chi Minh

👑 Chiang Mai is the best place to do a nomad?

There are many coworking spaces in Southeast Asia.
And I found out that especially Chiang Mai and Bali are better places for digital nomads.

Cost of Living in Canggu, Bali. Prices Updated Oct 2019.

Cost of Living in Chiang Mai. Prices Updated Oct 2019.

I took a 360 coworking tour video!

🙄 How is Ching Mai so far?

I have currently been in Chiang Mai for 5 days and have one more week to stay.

Most of the time I have been at CAMP AIS coworking cafe which is mentioned above by Andrey.

The weather in Chiang Mai is much better than Bangkok.
It is cooler and I can sleep without AC because the temperature at night is around 25℃.

And of course, there are sudden downpours.
I literally am writing this article while I am stuck in the restaurant because of that😂

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Heavy rain outside!

The working environment in Chiang Mai is great.
You just buy one cup of cafe and then stick and work there at CAMP!

There are so many cheap restaurants downstairs.

I recorded me working there so you can feel the atmosphere of it.

360 video!

Pretty nice. You should buy a sim of AIS which is one of the mobile phone companies in Thailand.

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250(including SIM itself price(50 Baht))Baht for 20GB, which is f**king cheap!

At the CAMP cafe, you can use wifi for 2h for buying a cup of coffee.
But 2 hours is not enough, is it?
CAMP is run by AIS so you can use the hot spot of AIS there.
You can use it if you have an AIS SIM!

You are able to buy an AIS SIM at the same building as the CAMP cafe, so no worries.


I am still in the same restaurant I mentioned before. It keeps raining😴.

Anyway, I keep writing other stories on Medium so please follow me if you are interested in it.

Thank you for reading

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