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I love Spanish style garlic mushroom

Launch AskMakers —The best place to ask experienced and successful makers questions anonymously💡

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🗞️ News

Now AskMakers is on Product Hunt! Please check it out!

📖 Story

Hi, Taishi is here👋

Since Aug 1st, I have been working on AskMakers, the aggregated place for Q&A with experienced makers.

After moving to Vancouver from Tokyo this May, I have made lots of products as an indie maker.

And this time, AskMakers is something I want. I feel it.

🤔 What can I do with AskMakers?

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Post a question to someone you would like to ask.
When you post it, an email is on the way to the maker you sent a question to.

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I want to make AskMakers the source of knowledge for indie makers.
So bookmark feature is essential.

🛠 Stack

・Firebase Hosting
・Firebase storage

💫 In the future

Now users can post a question only to one person.
But I would like to make AskMakers like Quora for indie makers.
We can
・post a question and anyone can answer it
・upvote the answer
・comment on the answer
and so on.

👍 To close

This time it was very difficult to maintain the motivation to keep developing my app.
To maintain it and overcome despair (such as nobody likes it, my app suck and so on), I think we need the users in the early stages of your product.

Written by

Trying to start a company in Vancouver https://taishikato.com

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