Quit job, moved to Canada and Hyper Hardcore Year —Recurring Revenue $3,000 / month Challenge

Taishi Kato
Jun 18, 2019 · 4 min read
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at Narita airport with my friends, just before I check in

In May 2nd, 2019, I quit my job and moved to Vancouver, Canada🥶

🍁 Why Vancouver?

I just wanna get into that kind of environment and here I am!!

🤑 About this challenge

Why $3,000? Because I am in Vancouver, not Bali like Andrey is…
The rent is CAD750 for small den and the price of everything is as high as Tokyo (and tastes are much better in Tokyo).
I can get only the student visa and COOP because I already used the working holiday visa 6 years ago.

In short, I have to make MONEY💰!!

So, How??
I had worked as a Software developer in Tokyo for 4 years and have been doing personal projects about for 6 years. Yes, I love creating things.
I think that the indie maker’s way is for me to make revenue👍.

😈 Cowardice and Fear

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Even this moment, while writing this article, I am feeling fear like…what if I can’t make money and can’t achieve my goal.
What is the reaction of the people around me?
I will lose my confidence and never try a new thing?

I am scared of the worst future AF right now.

However, I also feel that I need to get over this otherwise my life can’t get more interesting.

👨‍💻 This is the time to try being Indie Maker

They are so cool and that’s something I wanna try to be!!
Fortunately(?), I quit my job this April and have much free time.

Now, this is the perfect timing to do that!!

I am going to be as open as possible about my result of this experiment.
So, anyone can see my status anytime.

Here are the parameters

Wanna know if I achieve my goal?

Please subscribe here or the form above🙏

Please follow me on Twitter.

If you can do more, please buy me a cafe :)

🤯 By the way

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Thank you for reading😸

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