Step out of your comfort zone, even if it’s your home country

In 2019, I left my job at Yahoo! Japan after 4 years. Despite the modest salary there, and the fact that I was surrounded by very talented colleagues, I felt bored and cramped, and finally could no longer stay there.

At Yahoo! Japan, I created APIs for their services and sometimes endpoints to collaborate with outside companies as a backend engineer. I also maintained the system, and I have fond memories of getting calls at 2 AM lol.

My colleagues were all so great as both human beings and developers. They were so passionate about writing code, studying new stuff, and creating valuable products.

On a personal note, life in Tokyo was very fulfilling. It was very safe and everything was available in a big city. I have friends and family, and I can drink at my favourite izakaya with them. Everything is clean and the quality of service is high. Unlike in Canada, restaurants are open late at night.

It seemed everything was perfect. I had a steady job and life in a world-class big city was very exciting.

Gradually, however, I began to see dissatisfaction and anxiety in my life.

Experiencing various culture

I have done backpack travel several times in Southeast Asia, and it was enough for me to realize there are many different things in this world and I simply wanted to experience them.

More career options

I think being able to work only in one country is not a good situation.

Japan is a very comfortable place to stay and hard to leave, but I reckon it’s better to get out of your favourite place for a better/exciting future while you are still young and healthy.

Creating an unpredictable future

When I was working in Japan, I could imagine myself after a couple of years…like, “I will probably be a manager in 2 years and then become a senior manager if I am lucky.”

I can imagine myself in the future at that company, which is not fun and kinda boring to me. I am seeking an unpredictable future.

Even more unpredictable future!

Maybe I won’t be a software developer in 10 years. Who knows?
By experiencing and taking random stuff into life and digesting it with my brain, my life could be much more unique and random.

I am very excited to see where my life goes.

What is the solution?

I chose to move to another country, Canada in 2019. The reasons are

  • Relatively easy to get a visa
  • English is the first language there (I wanted to be able to speak English!)
  • The Tech industry seems thriving in Canada

Now I have been working for a local company as a full-stack developer for about 1.6 years. As a result

  • My Canadian PR is in the process
  • Salary is much better than in Japan
  • Life-work balance’s been improved because of remote working/WFH.

Of course, I can speak English now and I can make friends with anyone!
Also, I can say I am probably able to work in other countries since my resume now says this guy is working in Canada, which proves I can work in English speaking-environment, and western companies would see me as a candidate to hire. I have gotten more options for my career and my future is getting more unpredictable!

What’s next?

Keep stepping out of my new comfort zone! I’d like to carry the Remote Work style to the extreme. In this way, I can keep stepping out of my new comfort zone and expand my comfort zone, and experience lots of new things!

For example, I am writing this article in Tulum, Mexico while I work remotely there (I bet most Japanese haven't done this).

You can follow me there as I continue to document my journey.



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