I Sit in a booth in McDonalds in Los Angeles California,

I Haven’t really stopped moving all day. I’ve been working so hard since I got to California a little over 2 weeks ago that my only time I really stop to reflect is at night time, or early in the morning.

Today I woke up around 7am to start warming up my voice, and then walked over to my local favorite coffee shop in Huntington Beach “Milk & Honey” to work on emails/PR/Reading/Learning lyrics to new songs. I then went to busk at the Pier only a few blocks from the coffee shop. I was able to busk for a few hours and make a little over $30. (My quota being around $20) Feeling good about playing and selling a couple CD’s out of my backpack, the day was going well.

I then headed to LA to play a gig at this venue called “The Mint” I was opening the night up. I can’t help but fancy a bout of daydream and imagine the day, with enough hard work, when I will be headlining and filling this kind of LA dive bar. I snap back to reality haha, I don’t load in for another hour so I stopped into a McDonalds to burn more CD’s for the show and figure out a 30 min set list…

As I looked in front of me, (Pictured above) I felt an incredible sense of presence and peace. I felt the “Rhythm”. This thing that I used to dream about months and months ago. Where I would ponder questions like “What if one day I lived on the road, just my Guitar, my Car, Playing street corners, Selling handmade and heartfelt CD’s out of my backpack, & Gigging at little sketchy dive bars…” hahaha not most people’s dreams. But they were mine last year.

I realized that I am doing what I imagined last year. That I have found this comfortability with the Rhythm of my job (not to be confused with my work being comfortable haha) but I finally feel like i’m getting a grasp on this. I’m hitting the marks, I’m checking off my “To Do’s” for the day. And I am sweating, a lot, writing songs, and singing all day, every day. I have found the Rhythm To Getting By. Or at least momentarily, I felt on top of this thing. I suppose the Rhythm changes with time.

Show starts soon. I can’t wait. Hope I become a bit more “me” tonight.

PS I will be sharing a lot more very often.