The importance of the possibility of Imagination

Why a good book is way more entertaining than a good movie

It is safe to say that imagination plays an important roles in human civilization, not by only the result of it or the moment when it occurs with or without our consent, or the thing that it does to our heart which we as a civilization still haven’t figure out completely, but also the inexistence of it.

At some certain moment in life — adult life — we forgot how good it felt to be able to imagine things, it is inevitable to some, but predictable to others, this is when life is entering its end cycle, at least for me.

I am one of the lucky man who is able to exercise my mind with imagination without having to be forced too much to the other end.

Not all at once, but it comes bit by bit from textual representation, from that moment I have the ability to read, until that moment I read the most beautiful chain of text I have ever encounter. Oh yes it is ending, because once you know how good it can be, you will ask for more.

— -

Funny how to me and to many people, text have the ability to represents ideas better than any other human found technology, what I mean by better is its ability to conveys ideas to those who read it compares for example a pictures.

During my time in which I have encounter beatiful writings , I found that at some greatness point, I can transcend in to another time and space which has no relation at all with my reality except for pages in a book. It is a spectacular experience, I was amaze by how I can visualize an alternate environment, as incomplete as it is, or how I can fall in love to the beauty of a woman that lives through the text, and how I can breath the smells told by it.

The inexistence of precision provided by the imperfect nature of human at the same time produces a long awaited rooms for imagination.

Those imperfection itch our very mind to go all the way with everything we have, and there will we reach a state of satisfaction coming from the ability to create something in our mind which exclusively ours.

And that kind of satisfaction — even the smallest amount — could drives me further and faster down the road, first hand experience.

— -

The book was somewhere between Tetralogi Pulau Buru, Arok Dedes, and Arus Balik, yes all by Pramoedya Ananta Toer which successfully ends my reading era because he set the bar too high.

— —

These last 10 years I spent my time with movies, not because it is better, but because it is easier, it makes me lazy-er — but a good movie have a similar effect like a good book, around 1/100 of it.

I figure if I do it intensively with consistency I would reach those 100, but it is not happening, we just need rooms for imaginations which motion pictures failed to provide as good as great writers with their texts.

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