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Mike Ojo — Founder, Mojocreatives — Los Angeles, CA

Mike Ojo knows a thing or two about personal success. Still several years away from 30, Mike has already built and sold one company and established and moved another. Oh, and he flies airplanes on the weekends.

How do you define success?

Little accruements of accomplished goals that ultimately sets you apart into a better position today, than you were yesterday. Look at yourself a year ago, where were you? Look at yourself now, where are you? If you are shaking your head, have a wow moment or a smile on your face, you are successful!

How important are role models and mentors?

Crucial. I’ve been lucky enough to have and watch responsible adult male and female role models in my life. …

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Bilal ‘Blogzworth’ Morris — Director of Social Media Strategy, iHeart Media — New York City, New York

Public speaker, content creator, and author, Bilal “Blogzworth” Wordsmith believes that it takes a collaborative effort to truly achieve success. While it is up to the individual to reach their own personal goals, no one ever reaches success alone.

Listen to Blogzworth talk success and the black community.

Who’s responsible for defining success in the black community?

I think that its two-fold. It starts with the individual. You must define success within yourself and then commit to it. Once you do that, you can strive to achieve it. After you’ve become successful, it’s important to take it upon yourself to teach and promote the right ideals of success.

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Watch Blogzworth speak on his path to success.

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Su Sanni — Co-Founder, — Brooklyn, NY

How important are role models or mentors in your life?

Very important. I’ve had many mentors in my life that have helped me grow as a person and entrepreneur. The impact of mentors and role models on my life has been significant, as these people have shaped the way I think about business and my personal relationships, in ways that made me a better businessman, friend, brother and partner. The guidance and insight I’ve learned from my mentors has definitely played a major role in my life.

What are your thoughts on overcoming struggle?

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

What advice do you have for the next generation?

My advice to the next is to learn how to learn. Learn how to love. Learn how to teach and learn how to persevere by pursuing entrepreneurial, extra-curricular and/or sports related experiences. …

Word on the internet streets is that Kanye West has taken his talents to Wyoming to produce his next album. Yes, Kanye West is in Wyoming. But why? Some will point to the obvious reasons for avoiding press and paparazzi (good luck with that), while others may think the opposite and believe that the mountain move is purely for publicity. Either way, unless you know Yeezy personally it’s hard to be certain on the real motives behind it. Let’s try anyway.

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First of all, to be clear, Kanye West is a genius. You may dislike his music (how Sway?); you may dislike his fashion sense (even though he created the some of the hottest sneakers in history); and you probably don’t like the person (because he keeps it way too real). But real recognize real, and at this stage of his career, what’s most clear — not only is Kanye West a creative, he’s a creative genius. …


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