Here Comes Everyone

Shirkey’s statement in “Here Comes Everyone” is an empowering one. “Most of the barriers to group action have collapsed, and without those barriers, we are free to explore new ways of gathering together and getting things done.” (22) This quote is stating how new media is now active, participatory, collective and revolutionary because it allows change and interaction. At one point in time there was not that sense of communication freedoms. In Augusto Boal’s writing “From Theatre of the Oppressed” he talks about the tradition of theatre, the audience knows to stay quiet during the show and clap at the appropriate times. He wants to break the boundaries of the audience and the performers. Boal’s talks about their needing to be this active participation. As we discussed in class, that the setup of the classroom limits the communication. The teacher is the superior and leads conversations, while the students are taught to behave in an orderly fashion. But due to the progression of new media, those types of group barriers are collapsed. Mediums like Slack allow us to not only be students, but teachers by putting our input and sharing what we have learned with a group online. This is what Shirky is speaking of. In chapter 2 of his book Shirky talks about how the hashtag has created a new type of centralization in communication. New media has developed tools like the hashtag that brings everyone into the conversation. With my reality show Love in the Macon, the viewers are able to have active participation with the show because of the use of hashtags on twitter and Instagram #LoveInTheMacon, which gives viewers that voice in telling what they think about the production. Enzensberger’s “Constituents of a Theory of the Media” talks about how the producers are the only ones that know the media, so we must all be manipulators and therefore not become numb to it (265). New media allows us to all be producers and get things done. However, even Shirky discusses how to use these social media platforms in chapter 11. He says there are three rules to use social tools effectively and they are the promise, tool and bargain. Jean Baudrillard’s “Requiem for the Media” talks about us going from solely media consumers and are now included in production (279). For instance, at one point of time the only way to respond to something you did not like on television was by throwing the television away, or in Dr. Lucas words “burning it”. Martin Luther King went against the expected and had people be active and come together for a reason. New Media has this same sense of people coming together for a cause that they believe in. They do this by creating a simple hashtag or a post that can be shared/spread and replied to over a million times. New media has created an essential quality that people have been longing for “a voice”.

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