“Everyone they took it from.”
George Donnelly

The root word “take” does not itself imply anything criminal. Your sensitivity to that singular connotation is quite telling. When a customer hands over money for a good or service, does the purveyor not *take* it, and in turn pay their own costs of provision, such that it is *taken* by others? If they didn’t *take* that money from anyone, given this benign meaning of the word, then how did they get it? Does money always enter the pockets of the rich from thin air in your version of capitalism? Actually, that analogy isn’t too far off from how bankers actually create magic money via debt and fractional reserve, but that would be getting off the immediate topic…

“Legal principle” itself is a ridiculous oxymoron, when the colonialist oppressors define all the rules. Again, any current implementation of an idea does not prove its own veracity — we can only judge it by its outcomes. Centuries of racial and class biases are the outcomes of your legal system, which is neither logical nor ethical in both philosophy and results. Good luck to you with that line of argument, Henry VIII.

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