Game of Thrones and the Blockchain
Gil Kujawski

A wonderful comparison! I think, though, that Daenerys will find that breaking the wheel is not enough, and that something needs to replace current day orderly, hierarchical systems. The blockchain represents the infrastructure that allows DAO’s to exist according to the quoted definition, but I think it is clear that a transparent, unstoppable algo cannot simply replace a 2000 people company all by itself. What is needed now is a new governance system, a set of grassroots rules that will define the relations between all the independent algos and the people that interact with them from which will emerge a complex collaborative organization (I think the common term at the moment for those are DCOs, Decentralized Collaborative Organizations, but there are as many names as are visions of such organizations).

Just like currency, coupled with simple grassroots rules of trade create the “free market” dynamic, so will the blockchain, coupled with simple grassroots rules of contribution and reward will create the “free corporations” of the future.