The 3 Steps of Shaping a New Humanity

An Old Humanity, for all of its complexities and intricacies, is a very simple beast. Give it love and it will search for more, give it peace and it will not be content with what they have, give it a home and it will not stop looking for something better. This is not, in certain lights, a bad thing. It shows the ambition of humans and their want to become better than they are. But like everything else ambition comes with a price, and when those with power decide to use their ambition to gain the things in life that they don’t already have, it gets ugly and bloody fast. A new Humanity begins with its own simplicities with the possibility to gain complexities as it grows and develops. A new Humanity is something that is created without shape, without any aspiration than to be better than they are, a new Humanity is an idea that needs to foster itself into a shape. When people (those with power) decide to take control, and force a new Humanity to be what they want, instead of waiting for it to shape itself, that new Humanity will eventually turn rabid with no Master being able to control it. There are 3 simple steps to allowing a new Humanity to shape itself and have the possibility of becoming better, along with 3 counter-steps that will allow you to control it and turn it just as bad, if not worse, than the Old Humanity. Decide which steps you would like to take.

The 1st Step of Shaping: The first step when allowing a conscious being, in this case a new Humanity, to shape itself is to allow it its independence. Without independence, then the being will become dependent on the Old Humanity and in its growing dependence the new being will also gain the problems of the old. Without independence, the new being will become a clone of the Old. The realization for independence is what will truly begin to define and shape the New Humanity.
The 1st Step of Control: The first step in control is to make the new being become dependent on that of the Old. This is done by giving the New Humanity food, water, clothes, and safety instead of giving them the tools to create their own food, clean water, etc. With this dependence, the Old can begin to covertly take over the New and sabotage it. When the New Humanity fails, the Old Humanity can claim that the New Being has become faulty and can openly begin taking over the New to create a place for the people of the Old Humanity to migrate to.

The 2nd Step of Shaping: The second step of shaping a New Humanity now that a need for independence has been declared is to find the ways to maintain that independence. This can be through violence but this New Being has learned from the Old and does not wish to follow in the same twisted and monstrous footsteps. The way to independence is through refining and developing their resources instead of stealing them from others or forcing those others to make them. With the New Humanity’s idea formed and the methods for that idea defined and starting to take shape it is time for the New Being to act.
The 2nd Step of Control: Now that you have the New Being under your control the second part can commence. The second step in control is to decide who will be in charge of controlling, and what they will be controlling in this New Being. Those that were chosen to control are Men, Men with no deficiencies (i.e. homosexuality, not being cisgender, anything that wasn’t white). Who decided that these were the people in charge, I do not know, although my most favored theory is that they decided they were superior from the start and would have no word said against it. The second part, who, or rather what (in their eyes), they would be in charge of was an easy answer. Their answer you ask? It was rather simple: since they couldn’t control the people like them (that would take away the point of them being in charge), they would rule those who weren’t like them. Females, homosexuals, mentally handicapped, those part of the non-binary, those of other races, the list goes on and on. Now that these roles have been defined, the rules now have to be outlined.

The 3rd Step of Shaping: With its theory and means completed the New Humanity can begin its final step, the step of acting. The acting, in theory, is simple; the New Humanity is just following what was defined by the methods. What the New Being doesn’t realize at the time is that to accomplish what it wants without violence is near impossible. It is possible but not without work and dedication. It is easy for the New Humanity to slip into what the Old Humanity taught them but if they do that the New Being will become what they feared. The Shaping of the New Humanity is most crucial in the third step than any other. Each New Humanity will face this and each New Humanity will choose different but this third step will be what shapes the New and what re-creates the Old.
The 3rd Step of Control: The road to manipulating the New Being and deciding who will get what was a long one but CONGRATULATIONS you are almost done and have only one more step left until you have conquered this New Being. Your last step is easy, you have to outline and define what you want done with this New Being now that you have control. You can do anything you want, from allowing the New Humanity to self-destruct to just destroying it yourself. You decide who gets basic essentials, who live and who dies, who gets to learn, who gets to love, who gets what in life. You control this Humanity and you will use and abuse it until you turn it into the new-Old Being. Cheers.