Week 5 - Software Testing Blog 1

On the 3rd of march 2016, We held our first group meeting at the computers labs in the school of computing in DCU. The four members of our group are Ali Raza, Alan Barrett, Talah Ishfaq and Owen Flynn. Firstly we discussed a schedule for our weekly meetings and everyone agreed that a 1 hour meeting would take place in LG25 at 12:00 every Thursday. Alan made a Facebook chat group with the four of us so we could communicate amongst each other about the project. After analyzing the requirements we had a discussion on how we are going to tackle the program. One of the difficulties we faced was that what language should we do our program in, then finally after a great debate we decided to write the program in Java as it is the language that we are most comfortable with and have the deepest knowledge of. The other languages we had in mind were python and c++. We then discussed the software testing project description and on paper we all wrote out the the possible solution requirements and Owen shortlisted and removed duplicates requirements. Talah also created a medium account so we can submit the blogs. Towards the end of the meeting we came up with some ground rules for the project. To name a few:

(1) No use of mobile phones whilst in meetings.

(2) If a member is absent from a meeting he must contact all of the other members and get information on what was discussed in the meeting, and he should also inform others beforehand if the person can’t make it to the meeting.

(3) Keep others informed on the progress of of the task in the group chat. We ended the meeting at 2:30.

Blog written by Ali Raza.

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