Week 8 Software Testing Blog 4

On the 24th March we met again. Everyone had their tests done as agreed on Monday. As there wasn’t many days gap in between our last meeting everyone had to put in extra hours at night in order to get their tests done. I made sure that the test were correctly done and not rushed so all of us double checked that the test cases are working exactly as described in the notes.

Here are the results:

Program Graph By Alan Barrett

Approach: I drew out the flow of the program on a piece of paper as I tested the program along the way. At first I found it hard to follow the program but then once I got the jist of it, it was easy to follow it then. I just had to make sure that every possible statement was used at least once in order to fully check the program. I done this couple of time to make sure the program was 100% right. It was easy to follow after I had numbered each program flow which can be seen in the pictures below.


Program Numbering + Program Graph

DD Path Testing By Ali Raza & Owen Flynn

Approach: In the last meeting we decided to work on this together as it is easy to make mistakes while following the path of the program. With the two of us we had an advantage as person one follows the path and the other person can make sure that person one doesn’t make any mistakes following the path. To make life easier for us we used the above pictures for our test. The benefit of having the pictures was that it was made sure that we go into each box/statement and the numbers really helped us. After numerous attempts we had come up with the perfect dd-path for our program which we had drawn on paper and then we done our final result on Visio.


At the end of the meeting we decided that, By week 9 I will complete Path Testing Coverage, Alan and Owen Will do Pair Wise Integration Testing And Ali will write next weeks blog. With coming to the final weeks of the semester we decided that we will not leave anything to the last minute as it can create a mess for other members of the group. As we have an exam in week 9 everyone will try to get their assigned tasks done over the weekend.

Blog Written By Talah Ishfaq

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