Just Start Activity.

Abdul Sattar was legendary philanthropist and humanitarian who founded the Edhi foundation.He was also known as “The Richest Poor Man” and “Angel of mercy”.In A mirror to blind, An autobiography of Abdul Sattar Edhi, chapter two Page no 33 2nd last paragraph Mr. Edhi said that when i mentioned an idea that struck me at such a time, my friends laughed, “Why do you suppose they come to you there, ROTI? They should come in the mosque if they are true. Perhaps satan is misguiding you.” I would become defensive, “it’s not in my control to choose where and when ideas come”.Although my plans were small they seemed too big for my size, “I’ll sell pencils and matchboxes on the street and invest the money i earn in company shares.” the scheme intrigued and impressed me, “I will use half money for the poor”. How and what would i do for them were questions whose answers kept changing and growing in my mind. “I will build hospitals, make a factory to train and employ the poor and build a village for the handicapped.” He used the Principle of Progress “Amal, Khudi and Ak or Ak Gayra” I have learned a lot from him, especially in my Just start activity where i have a dream to control my anger. I just start with 3 to 4 steps. There is a lesson for me in this paragraph that just start the things which you want to do, Don’t take tension about results. Allah Rab ul Izzat help those who help themselves. Do not sacrifice your dreams.Think bigger then it will be bigger.

The biggest problem of my life is my anger and to control it is one of the goals of my life. I always tried to overcome my anger but failed. According to my friends, this is my biggest lack. This week I intended to overcome this shortage and intended that I would not fight with anyone from now.. And Alhamdulillah I did not fight anyone in this week, and say sorry to those whom i angry.

To control my anger i took following steps.

1:Recite Du’aa’.

2:Be silent at the time of short temper or anger.

3: Follow the example of HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.W) in case of anger.

4:Explore the reason behind my anger.

5:Take a timeout.

6: Stretch or massage areas of tension.

7: Engage myself in physical activities.

8: Ask someone for support.

9: Take a deep breathe.

10:Practice of positive self talk.

Now i follow these steps. When i feel angry first of all i recite Du’aa’. (لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله) and recite Darood e PAk and follow the example of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) and then take a deep breathe, and If I stand, then sit down and if I sit down then I lay down, and practice of positive self talk or If there is a friend, ask him to support or changes my intentions for other things.Sometime i stretch or massage areas of tension.

Because sometime it really embarrassed me.When i asked my friends about my weaknesses most of them replied that i am very short tempered and aggressive.Therefore , i wanna overcome my Anger.

It was very difficult for me to overcome my anger. I control my anger on those occasion where it was difficult to control. If a person intend to work with a sincere heart, Allah Rab ul izzat also helps the person.

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