And so Talbit was born

Bling! 1 Reminder(s). Development Discussion 10:00 26 January 2015, Meeting room 2. Snooze 5min.

It was that time of the year again when I was to go sit with my supervisor for 2 hours to discuss last year’s performance and set the targets for the coming year. Although much frustration had accumulated within me from these to some extent non-valuable discussions over almost 20 years, I still wanted to be hopeful and believe in them; “maybe this year, the targets will be clearer, and we can actually succeed in setting ones that will 1) guide my work, 2) allow me to develop and 3) tap into my intrinsic motivation”.

We had a good chat, discussed everyday work-related issues, how things are going and how I am managing my workload — all good and necessary.

Then it was time to pull out the actual Development -document — the one from last year. It always started out the same way; what did we discuss and agree last year and the “shuffling” of e-papers begin, scrolling back and forth and mumbling. “Oh yeah, you wanted to take the advanced Excel -course, didn’t you?” to which I replied, “I did but didn’t make it, sort of forgot and work just got at me.” The dialogue continued in the same sort of melody; most of the targets set for the previous year were copied and pasted to the new document, the targets for the new year. And we laughed, the same laugh as the year before.

A bit over a year after, I attended the Strategic Human Resource Management -course as part of my Aalto EE’s MBA program and the light bulb went on. HEY! What if I can turn my frustration into revenue by taking the employee development -process to the individual level, including matters such as the individual’s potential, intrinsic motivation and the company strategy.

By using a simple software, an individual development path could be created that the individual follows throughout the year.

And so the brain work and the concepting started. After interviewing almost 60 people from approximately 15 wide-ranging companies, the concept and market research results were taken to the next level in two service design workshops. The core of the software was designed and the in spring 2018, the software coding began shortly thereafter.

Talbit 1.0

After six months of Minimun Viable Product (MVP) -development, Talbit’s first version, Talbit 1.0 was launched with bubbles and great pride! We had succeeded to one of our milestones. Congratulations to an awesome team!

And not long after, the first customer pilot started — to grow the customer’s talent bit by bit. With Talbit.

Kaisa Savola
Founder & CEO of Talbit

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