Every small business owner should steal this tip from The Daily Mail

I’m telling you this for your own good…

copywriting captions
This caption in The Daily Mail has nothing to do with the image. It’s telling you what the story is about.

Please believe me when I tell you that I would never recommend reading The Daily Mail unless I absolutely thought you must. And today, I do think you must.

The Daily Mail is one of the newspapers best weathering these End Times for traditional media.

It’s doing that because it understands online readers better than most. (And because it appeals to the bowels of the human spirit, but that’s another matter.)

Recently I’ve found myself pointing to the paper time and again when reviewing the copywriting on client’s websites. Why? Because those clients are wasting a golden opportunity:

They’re not using their images and, more specifically, the captions to get their message across.

copywritten captions in a gallery
Click on an image on The Daily Mail and you’ll get a gallery. Scroll through and the captions make sure you’re still getting the story even though you can no longer see the article.

People skim websites, especially on their mobile phones. But their eyes are drawn to pictures and in turn to the captions that go with those pictures.

Pick any story on The Daily Mail’s website and just look at the pictures and the captions. You might have got 80% of the important bits just from reading the captions.

What about your website?

In putting your pages together, have you catered for the skimmers?

  1. If you have pages on your site that don’t have images, there’s your first opportunity to change. Every page should have images.
  2. Then make sure every image has a caption and the caption counts. Almost all website visitors can see what’s in the picture, so the caption shouldn’t be wasted on describing the image. You should be using the caption to reinforce important messages from the main text that visitors might be skipping over in your body copy.

Have a look at The Daily Mail. Follow their lead and you’ll be pleased with the results.

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