Six Must Know Language and Framework Trends in DC

Language and framework trends arise across the country as companies adopt new practices and startups disrupt legacy software. But have you ever wondered if there are certain languages and frameworks that pop up more frequently on the job market based on location?

Margo Slaff, our Front End Team Manager in our DC office, explained how her transition from our NYC office to the DC Office was an intense learning experience because the technologies and range of companies vary greatly. Over the past year as she has settled into the DC office, she’s gotten to know which skills are more prominent in job descriptions.

The Hot Technology

ReactJS. This the the technology du jour. This is a significant shift from Angular, that was once the JavaScript tech to know. And why wouldn’t it be- it’s Facebook’s brainchild and the choice of companies like AirBnB, Angie’s List, DropBox, Flipboard, and many more. In the DC market it has been particularly popular with startups and mid-sized companies looking to staff their tech teams. But, Margo says, don’t count out Angular just yet. Angular 2.0 is supposed to be very similar to React and could tilt the balance once again.

The Government Favorites

While they aren’t new (and most definitely not trendy), .NET, C#, and MVC are government and consulting favorites in the nation’s capital. Something that is new to government & contracting work though, is the need for strong JavaScript candidates that are also experts in .NET, C# & MVC. full stack is in, even in notoriously slow bureaucracy.

Big Data

Hadoop is the Big Data tech that is sweeping the city by storm. This is particularly evident in larger companies. While there are different opinions about whether Hadoop or Apache Spark is really the game changer in Big Data- the current tech job market is favoring Hadoop.


Swift is replacing Objective-C as the new iOS language and it’s already become a hot topic. The candidate that walks in with a combination of Objective-C experience and Swift is ideal. And if you’re full stack, you’re even more valuable.

Security Clearance

Even with months of research and market data, there is always a need for technologies that you hadn’t necessarily expected. In this case, the demand for cyber security professionals is growing exponentially. While it isn’t a technology- having a government security clearance is a huge benefit. There are many long term contracts, remote roles, and high paying security roles in the metro area.

The Cash Cow

It’s like having that friend that never ages — — Java. The amount of roles that come in for Java Developers is staggering. A good Java Developer has a strong core but has explored and learned other technologies, making them super appealing to companies of all sizes. It’s not exciting, but it is consistently sought after.

While these are some of the top trends in DC right now- there are many other technologies that surface regularly like Python, Django, PHP, Drupal, Ruby & Rest APIs. As technology changes daily, the market does too. If you’d like more info about the DC tech jobs market, contact Margo at

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