The Talent Docket: June 23, 2016

Image courtesy Dmitri Popov via Unsplash

Today’s top talent-related stories from around the web.

The tech economy has been a boon to cities by raising the living standards of middle and upper income knowledge workers. However, the tech boom has done little for those in deep poverty, according to a study profiled in Quartz.

Social media is the new office break room. According to a Pew study profiled in the Wall Street Journal (Paywall), workers spend time on Facebook and Twitter during the workday in large part to take a mental break from work. Social media is also being used in the workplace in other ways — for better and for worse.

The financial services industry could use more women. Just 18 percent of financial advisors are women, and this article from Entrepreneur showcases five ways executives can draw more women into the industry.

Most employees want something else more than a fancy job title, according to Inc. Here’s a hint: It has to do with the CEO.

Finally, this CEO rarely wakes up before noon, doesn’t go into the office much, hates leading meetings, giving speeches and all the other conventional, hard-charging stuff that CEOs are susposed to do — and yet he’s somehow managed to start a group ofcompanies with over 200 employees and invested in more than 30 other companies along the way. So what’s his secret? Check out his Medium post here.