For a lot of people, the first job interview at a new Company may mean a nerve attack; while, for some others, uncertainty or simple intrigue. Even though each meeting is unique, all of them have something in common and it is what interviewers value from the very beginning. We will share with you the most important aspects and we will help you get the correct first impression to overcome this stage with confidence.

-Enthusiasm and willing to work: The attitude is essential to face any new challenge and they will notice that: arrive at the meeting showing motivation and express your willing to get the position you want.

-Be polite: It is not a matter of getting on well with Human Resources, but of being nice in an authentic way. Being polite generates a good working atmosphere among workmates and it is of great importance to show that from the beginning. Start with a huge smile from the moment you step in!

-Curiosity: When you get to the moment in which you are asked if you have any question, do not make silence: it is really important to show interest in the job and the Company you would like to get the position at. Be ready for asking questions you have thought of in advance and change the fright of the unknown for curiosity.

-Ability to adapt and learn: Everybody will value the fact that you are ready to face any situation in a positive way, so make sure you make them notice that you would try to learn all new things and continuously improve professionally.

-Teamwork: Include in your answers any experience you have had working with other people to show your ability of being successful as part of a team and how you fulfilled objectives working in this way.

Now, yes… You are ready for your next first interview!