How to: TalentSnap’s FitScore Apps Can Help Speed Up Your Hiring Today!

Aug 22, 2018 · 4 min read

TalentSnap is building zero-knowledge proof AI technology on the Blockchain to disrupt hiring, a $400Bn year industry globally. We are in the process of developing more use-cases of TalentSnap FitScore Applications to further advance in our mission to disrupt hiring.

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In order to build a decentralized Artificial Intelligence eco-system, our team must strategically take steps to get there. The first order of business, was developing the framework for our FitScore technology, which is usable in both the FitScore Chrome Extension, and the FitScore Web Dashboard. Both apps work very well together, and this article will show you how.

FitScore is working towards analyzing 1000s of indicators on both the company and candidate side to make a perfect fit between both parties, ultimately leading to hiring automation. FitScore’s machine learning algorithms are still in its early iterations, and the FitScore Chrome Extension and Web Dashboard leverage about 25 of such key hiring indicators from both sides. Some of these hiring indicators include: years of experience, core skills, level of advancement in the said skills, company sizes in job history, job titles, location, personality analysis based on NLP, among others. On the company side, some of the indicators include: Company size, location, degree of specific skills required, industry, and several others. In its current state, FitScore analyzes readily available public information from GitHub, LinkedIn, Public Personal websites, Stack Overflow and Twitter. In the near future, we will aim to decentralize this information, and build an ecosystem where candidates can port their information, validate it on the blockchain, and be rewarded TSC tokens by fueling disruptive AI technology.

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Talentsnap’s Fitscore Employer Dashboard App

To use the FitScore Dashboard, go sign up for free here. The video guide below will show you how to use the app. Keep in mind, the application is still in its MVP state, and the results are limited to mainly technical candidates (Web Developers, Data Scientists, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence Engineers, Product Managers etc..)

FitScore will quickly analyze many profiles, and based on the key indicators aforementioned, showcase you the top results. Furthermore, there are additional tools like auto-emails, personality insights, other social profile links. TalentSnap has added a convenient feature that allows you to send auto-generated emails based on the candidate’s personality traits, so you can seamlessly contact perfect fit candidates and trigger a response.

In conjunction with the FitScore Dashboard, you can also use the FitScore chrome extension. If you haven’t already, go ahead and download it here.

Here’s the video explainer:

The FitScore Extension allows you to quickly analyze a candidate’s fit, learn about their personality, auto-email with in-depth customization, and also see recommendations to other strong fit candidates for your open role.

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We hope you enjoy the early evolution TalentSnap’s FitScore technologies. These applications are only meant to show the potential efficacy of the FitScore component of TalentSnap’s hiring ecosystem. We will soon present Tess, an innovative AI hiring tool that leverages very similar technology to speed up hiring. We are actively working on building AI solutions that work off of decentralized and secure candidate data. The candidate side of the ecosystem, where job-seekers can setup their own nodes of encrypted user profiles, and earn TSC while being part of the network is also in the roadmap for the coming future.

For more information about TalentSnap:

Originally published at on August 22, 2018.

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