Passion Unleashed- A Bio of Sorts for Shadow-Master Ink

Night fell with a vengeance upon the wood trail. She followed the brightly lit path, footsteps echoing on the trail. She felt her heart beat faster as she neared the only bright light in the area. She moved slower now, slowly working her feet out in front to be sure no noise alerted the characters ahead. Voices bounced off the metal shed that stood in the center of the clearing. The shadows lurking near the shed continued their discussion as though the girl was not present.

“So what are we going to do with her?”

“Nothing, my dear fellow, she will find the charm on her own and a new world will open up for her. You and I are just the guides. We are the characters that will lead her to the power of influence she so desperately craves and we will ignite the passions that will grip her thudding heart, one beat, at a time. Even now she doubts our existence yet is drawn into the power of our domain.”

With those words, the characters burst into flames and vanished. The girl turned to run, yet felt each beat of her heart pull her towards the very spot where the shadows had stood. When she tried to turn away, her heart squeezed tightly as though a hand squeezed the life from her. When she turned back toward the shed, the beats became irregular yet less life threatening. Her feet, of their own accord, followed the bloody red trail. Her eyes, sued to the solitary light, shifted into a power seeking beacon, following the final push from an unknown hand that all but shoved her into the clearing.

She reached the light post and saw, hanging on the switch, an old gold medallion, a horse and dragon etched into the center, with a dagger separating them. Slowly, awe filled and scared to death, she picked up the necklace and began to tremble.

The land about her shifted as an earthquake opened under her feet. She quickly shoved the necklace around her neck and closed her eyes, willing the quaking to surrender to her will. She felt the quake slow, the movement now a gentle sway, until she again heard nature return to life. She opened her eyes and gasped …

The land before her stretched out from a graveyard into the entrance of a eerie, spooky castle. The words above the entrance, etched in a foreign language, swirled before her when her hand rubbed against her heart and touched the medallion, thus allowing the words to be understood.

“Enter here who seek truth, but beware the savage threat that lurks in the night. Beware the ones who house evil in their heart, for those are the ones Shadow-Master seeks. Beware!”

The girl felt a shudder flow from her inner being, as though a dark cold mist suddenly enveloped her very being. She moved forward, feeling her heart thud faster as though her heart knew the answers before her brain could even form the questions. She stepped closer to the blacked door, pushed the knob and felt the stale air surround her, a fog covering her body. She moved as though in a trance. Her eyes glued to the hallway, her finger latched onto the medallion, tighter and tighter as through it kept her very mind locked inside her brain. She felt the air of fog follow her deeper into the cavern until she came to another door, this one wide open, a delightful fire burning in the hearth, a leather chair perched beside the fire and a small candle lighting the area. Books filled the walls, cases upon cases, holding every book imagined and even those yet to be written.

She moved towards the center of the bookcase, drawn as she was, to six beautifully bound novels. She reached out to touch one and the one beside it fell to ground, a thud echoing, the name on the book was “The Man Called Jackie” by Dalene Stueckle. She gasped as the magic of the moment hit her straight against her cheeks. The other five volumes also contained her name and her breath pulled the fog around her into her ice cold mouth and left it as hot fiery smoke. Hot to cold, flame to ice, she felt a passion grow inside her mind that could never be quenched until she fulfilled her destiny.

She felt eyes watching her, yet nothing was there. The thrill of the chase was on and she knew she must be in tip top shape if she were to discover that being that lurked in the night and not be devoured by the passion she felt. The door flew shut and the candle went out, yet she could still see the faint outline of the man before her.

“Good, good evening, Sir, I hope you don’t mind that I am here?” She felt dismayed by the tremble in her voice.

“No, my dear, I have been expecting you. We have so much to do and so little time to do it, that I am glad it can now begin. Please sit by the fire and let us acquaint ourselves with the facts that are needed to save the world from utter destruction.”

“What, surly you can’t mean that? My world, doomed to destruction? Why, when, where, who and how does this happen, Sir?”

“Sit, sit, my inquisitive girl. That is why you have been summoned. You must write the story to save the world. Are you ready?”

And so the girl sat and composed herself, calming her heart and controlling her errant mind, listening to the first of many tales that prove to become the Mojo Tales from Shadow-Masters Productions. Fate, it seemed, wanted these tales told and so now they have been. Please, dear reader, take a deep breath, compose your thoughts and for goodness sake control the rapid heart beats, for those are the downfalls that lead man into doom and thus it is time to reverse the deeds and set all things on the corrected path.

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