Post Fact World

When people say the term Post Fact, I find it hilarious. Post fact. Just try and imagine what that means. What could that kind of a world look like? In fact it doesn’t exist. Facts have always been in question, White is greater than Black, the Earth is flat. Man will never fly. Animals are inferior to humans. These were all once facts. Facts are an agreement among all humans that what they see, hear or felt was real. To be Post fact is a fallacy. The world we are entering is the Great Fact World. The fact that the “Alt-Right” is gaining attention is not that scary. The fact that the United States President lies, and views the world only through his own perspective is not unheard of. Machiavelli. The fact that we are losing the largest portion of biodiversity out of any era in world history is undeniable. The reason we can know these facts is because we can now discuss them with each other world wide, at any time. An agreement between us.

In the Great Fact World, change will look different. People will rise from up from nowhere, and at first, TV will not understand how to cover them. Previously politically apathetic people will become activists. Some might discount them because most of their activism will be on social media but guess what? 2017. My favorite number is 17. Young people will have a new stubborn ambitiousness, and parents will struggle. Racism will vanish just as quickly as it developed, so it’ll take a while…We will see alot more movement of people in the world, many will be tourists, many will be refugees. Professional gamers will gain followers equal to or greater than movie stars.

Dont say Post Fact please. Take a good look at reality, from all sides, and throughout time and then decide what facts you want to listen to.