The sheer delight of asking out complete strangers

Today I asked out a complete stranger. In fact we had exchanged approximately ten words before I produced the terrifying words “I’d like to take you for a drink. Do you want my number in case you’d like to?”

The man I asked out — slim, skinny black jeans, wonderfully basic white adidas shoes, and something vaguely attempting a man bun but desperately falling short of one — was distinctly not my type. He did however have a violin in his hand and hearing him play for just two minutes made me want to sit down with him in a pub over a couple of pints, and listen to his hopefully-just-as-melodious voice.

Finishing his song up, I saw my chance and dived in with a distinctly unfunny joke about the nearby preachers causing considerable disturbance, before popping the question.

There are four reasons why I do not regret doing this:

  1. It produce the most tangible feelings of empowerment, freedom and spontaneity. You are truly living in the moment, and everything feels possible.
  2. Whatever the outcome, you provide your friends and family with some great amunition for future wedding speeches. If not it enriches your own anecdotal collections to share with the grandchildren with the hope they will one day talk about their ‘legendary granny’ with pride.
  3. Nothing is lost. Regardless who the specimen you have chosen is, at worst they will feel immensely flattered. At best, it will make their day, their week, or even their year. For you, its a little reminder that things are ultimately in your hands, and you are putting down the cards.
  4. The busker I decided to ask out has supported Coldplay and Birdy, has provided a soundtrack for the BBC, and from video evidence looks even better when his hair is free from the manbun.

Nothing is lost from asking out a stranger. Even if its purely based on looks, or admiration for their musical talent. It makes them feel good, and it should make you feel even better. It didn’t make that he ‘had to drive back to London’ and didn’t have time for a pint. He texted to apologise. And now I’ve got his number to sell to his fans when he’s famous.

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