This Cryptic Phrase Is The Secret To A Great Programming Community

What #MINSWAN is all about and why it’s super cool

For those of us fresh onto the programming scene, it’s easy to bogged down by all of the languages. There’s JavaScript, which isn’t Java and then Python, which isn’t a snake and there’s Perl and Ruby and APL and C# and C++ and the list goes on.

The more you learn about programming the less bound you are to a specific language. In fact, many programmers use multiple languages to accomplish a single goal. It’s like drafting the ultimate WNBA team. You need different strengths to pull together and win.


Moving on.

That’s where the story of Ruby and its inventor, Yukihuro Matsumoto, comes into play.

“Matz,” as Yukihuro is lovingly called, created Ruby as a language that would be nice to programmers. Easy to use. Also, Object Oriented. (#learnthat).

Since “Matz” is nice to programmers, programmers should be nice to each other. Matz Is Nice So We Are Nice === MINSWAN!

When you’re first learning to code there is no shame in asking questions and not knowing things. The best part about a community based on the MINSWAN prinicple like the Flatiron School, is that programmers support each other in learning new things, answer questions in record time and facilitate some serious winning.


Be nice.