Adonis Creed, son of the late, former heavyweight boxing champion Apollo Creed, seeks out Rocky Balboa, former friend and rival of Creed, to serve as his trainer and mentor. Not with the intention of following in his fathers footsteps, but that becomes inevitable.

I myself have never seen any of the Rocky movies. But there are so many movies and TV shows that use the Rocky montage scenes, (especially when it has to do with fight preparations), and there are just things you know about Rocky without having to see the movie, like the steps he ran up in the training montage. A couple of those things I noticed in “Creed”.

I thought Michael B. Jordan was alright in this film. The first big fight he had I felt was a little too obviously choreographed. However, the main fight was a bit intense. The main reason I never watched the Rocky films was because I don’t really watch Sylvester Stallone films. I don’t think he’s the greatest actor, and he wasn’t so much in this movie, but I did enjoy him, mostly how he was with Adonis.

Unfortunately, I was comparing this boxing movie with another one from this year that I really enjoyed. Southpaw. I tried to separate the two, but it was kind of hard. Both are good sports movies, but I felt Southpaw was more dramatic and emotional, raw and gritty.


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