Five friends, all of them married men, share a secret loft where they can “economically” cheat on their wives. But after a woman is found dead in their loft, and with only 5 keys between them, they must figure out which one of them let her in and worse, had something to do with her death.

There’s a lot of flashing backward and forward and to the present, so you kind of have to pay attention. I predicted the outcome pretty early on. Halfway through I thought maybe it could be something else, but my initial thought was correct. I don’t know if it was just too predictable, or if I was just thinking too much about who it could be rather than just enjoying.

I disliked the male characters in this movie, but I felt like you don’t really get a chance to develop feelings for their wives. So really I was just hating the fact they were committing the act, not so much that they were hurting who they were.

OK movie. Worth checking out if you’re in a “who-dun-it” mood.


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