Software decay and our fear of the legacy yet to come

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João Sampaio

The antonym to software legacy

Respect for legacy

  • Building on a solid ground: test driven development should embody what the software purpose is and allows it to move with confidence and adapting to changes. Or, better yet, pave the way for our fellow engineers to be successful.
  • Knowledge sharing: documenting the Domain of our software. Don’t focus on technology alone as, it is there to solve a problem in a given domain not the other way around. Decouple it. Use an ubiquitous language that Domain experts can understand and contribute to.
  • Don’t ossify in any given design: any contribution to the software should be able to improve it and change, refactor often, improve often. This confidence is validated by TDD (Test Driven Development) and clear documentation, Remember you can only improve what you understand and should have the confidence to do so.




Intuitive cloud-based call center software.

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Intuitive cloud-based call center software.

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