TALKN is a web3 lifestyle app with inbuilt social-fi elements, the platform for talk and engage in web3, talkn is the first ever idea in web3.0 to convert your voice into crypto through our social web3 platform, talkn aims to decentralized the creators and social economy with fair rewarding all users who want to contribute or participate in our ecosystem activities, talkn is building a social web3 revolution and empowers the web3 economy, by simply calling, interacting, posting and engaging with other users or participating in our ecosystem activities users will earn our native token $TLKN.

Talkn is a powerful new blockchain-based application that is designed to provide a sustainable way to incentivize and reward people.

Talkn envisions itself as a community platform, where people are boosted by their rewards for just taking part in the scope of in-app or ecosystem activities. TALKN is set to usher in a future where more people than ever before are happy, wealthy, engaged, knowledgeable, and motivated.


TALKN — Posting, Engaging, and Talking has never been so rewarding!
Energized by your desires and the most recent Web3 innovations, Talkn is controlling a social web3 revolution — and you’re part of it!

The whole day we’re talking, posting, and scrolling on social media without earning a single $, majority of us just use social platforms for engaging their life, but we didn’t concerned that most of our time vested and we didn’t do or gain anything(Followers, money, etc..) then we say that we will do it tomorrow, as for perspective our routine will change, now let’s imagine that your talking & daily activities will give you money “Save time + Chill Vibes = Earn money”, talkn wants to envision itself as a community platform. talkn is based on a common everyday activity for most people: Talking. we are the first team to create and implement a sustainable, working Talk-to-Earn (T2E) model.

The Platform For Talk and Engage In Web3:
TALKN is the first ever idea in web3.0 to convert your voice into crypto (CYVIC), By simply Calling, Posting, Engaging, and Interacting with other users through our social web3 platform, or participating in our ecosystem activities users will earn ($TLKN) the native token of talkn, 50% of total business revenue will be used to build a talkn organization and the rest 50% will be used to buy, and burn $TLKN tokens on the market through governance.

TALKN earn capability intends to incentivize fifty(50) million people around the globe toward a web3 lifestyle, introducing them to how revolutionary the web3 can and will be, all while relying on its social elements and simple UI to develop a long-lasting platform encouraging user-generated Web 3.0 content.

To Build an overall Social Web3 infrastructure with advanced and good experience via Talkn-app.

TALKN will provide an array of opportunities to users, who will be rewarded for their efforts and triumphs through a fair and sustainable reward system.

Leveraging a unique combination of utility functions, as well as controlled NFT supply, $TLKN will actively balance rewards with user growth, ensuring the incentives remain attractive without leading to excess inflation.

TALKN hopes to usher in an era where everybody is allowed to get talking and improve their (Followers & Money) by better aligning incentives among all participants in the talking industry(Creators and Social Industry).

What problems does TALKN solve?

Talking & engaging isn’t just a hobby for many people. It’s a way of life. After all, studies have shown that those that keep active typically live happier, longer, wealthier, and healthier lives.

Since talking and engaging leads to a burst of chemicals released in the brain, those that engage in regular virtual activities tend to experience improved mood which carries over into practically all other aspects of life — boosting motivation, focus, alertness, and more.

It is a shame then, that a huge number of people worldwide are too sedentary. the research estimates that at least 500 million adults worldwide are too inactive working, and didn’t grow their minds and money — a major contributor to the mental health crises faced in many countries.

TALKN, a new blockchain-powered talk-to-earn ecosystem, will tackle this problem at its core, the platform generally aims to incentivize talking in the form of engaging other users through our platform, helping to reduce complexity for earning, and allowing users to earn an income for improving everything else on social platforms Indeed, researchers recently found that improvements in wealth, happiness, and engagement lead to a significant reduction in all-cause and disease-specific mortality, with individuals who talk, engage and earn while completing their conversation being strongly correlated with their life expectancy.

Unique features

To help distinguish itself from the competition and provide the most functional, sustainable platform for talking, TALKN boasts a wide variety of features and attributes — including:

  • Multiple activities: TALKN will organize multiple activities in the social app for the community, this will include competitions in which users have boosted their growth & earnings and the tasks in which users participate in social activities, This ensures anybody can begin earning rewards for their effort irrespective of their chosen activity.
  • Governance: TALKN understands the importance of governance, that’s why we rely on the governance model, $TLKN stakers will have their say over how the platform operates, potentially including choosing which are the inner zones next, defining how rewards are distributed, choosing which activities is better for ecosystem and choosing when the next wave of NFTs becomes available, and many more possibilities.
  • Inner Zones: TALKN believes that the future of talking is social. For this reason, it will make a feature that is inner zones, which is in-app zones like groups, where people can talk, post, and engage with their mates while earning boosted rewards, these will provide endless opportunities for interactions with like-minded peoples.
  • Deflationary Tokenomics: In order to balance long-term sustainability with fair rewards, TALKN will make use of a variety of burn, lock and staking mechanisms as well as gradually expanding utility for the $TLKN token, combined with a controlled NFT supply will ensure that TALKN remains a rewarding hub that users can come to rely on.
  • Leaderboard: For the more competitive users, TALKN features global leaderboards, allowing users to gauge their performance against the broader TALKN community, and push themselves to their limits. A range of attractive perks and rewards will be made available to the top-ranking TALKN users — along with the chance to secure a slot as a sponsored member.
  • More details are given out in LITEPAPER.


No boundaries to section
To participate in TALKN’s talk-to-earn social-based ecosystem, users need to own NFT assets. Instead, they may either start by being invited by friends, engage in our web3 social platform, or stake in the form of LP incentives, which will allow them to begin earning.

Complete Details of $TLKN Tokenomics, Distribution, Vesting Schedule, and Token Ulility are discussed in this ARTICLE.


The TALKN Roadmap is (currently) split into two separate phases, which are detailed below. Keep in mind that app and blockchain development is complex; as a result, these phases may overlap and are also subject to change pending any unforeseen challenges in development, once we achieve these two phases then more steps will come with details.

Phase 1

  • Brainstorming Idea Generation (Complete)
  • Social Handles Established (Complete)
  • Website Launch (Complete)
  • Litepaper & Pitch Deck (Complete)
  • Airdrop round (Complete)
  • Collaboration with Project’s (Complete)
  • Private Sale (in-progress)
  • Marketing via Calls, Publications, Influencers, YouTube ads… (In-progress)
  • Listing CoinMarketCap / CoinGecko (in-progress)

Phase 2

  • Launch Talkn Social Web3 APP
  • Public Sale, IDO/IEO
  • Listing on DEX/CEX
  • Burn Tokens
  • Official Dapp (Decentralized Application) Launch
  • Listing on top tier CEX
  • Deploy on Multiple Blockchains
  • Integration Web3 Projects
  • Update Dapp & App
  • Add New Features
  • Even So More…

What do we want to achieve at the end of 2022?
Built an active user base of 50,000 by the end of 2022.

Last But Not Least, we’re building an overall social web3.0 infrastructure with advanced and good experience via TALKN.

🚀About TALKN:

Talkn is a Web3 lifestyle app with inbuilt social-fi elements, the platform for a talk and engage in web3, by simply calling, engaging, interacting with other users or participating in our ecosystem activities users will earn our native token $TLKN, Talkn will provide an array of opportunities to user’s who will be awarded for their efforts and triumphs through a sustainable and fair reward system.

📲 TALKN Social Media

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To Building an overall social #Web3 infrastructure with advance and good mechanism via Talkn, The platform forTalk and Engage in Web3.

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To Building an overall social #Web3 infrastructure with advance and good mechanism via Talkn, The platform forTalk and Engage in Web3.