3 Techniques on How to Handle People

This article is inspired by the book: How to win friends & influence people. This book is to help you master communication and influence others decisions.

Today I want to share with you 3 techniques on how to handle people.

1) Don’t criticize, judge, or complain. It does no good to criticize, judge, or complain about something simply because of one reason: It arouses resentment. Think about it, if someone was criticizing, judging, or complaining about you, are you going to spend time with that person? Are you going to agree with everything they have to say? No, most likely not. So next time you want talk about someone, simply remember not to criticize/judge (its his/her own life) and complain because not only does that arouse resentment in them toward you, but it’s a reflection of yourself and that does no good to be that person who is always criticizing, judging, or complaining about someone. Don’t be that person.

2) Give honest & sincere appreciation. It’s amazing how being honest & sincere can influence a persons decision. For example, say you are applying for a job and like most people, when being interviewed they all say “yep, yep, yep I can do this and that”, but you decide to be honest and take a different approach. You tell the employer that you don’t have much skills but you are truthfully and honestly wanting to learn and that employer sees that and hears that honesty in your voice, and decides to go with you because you weren’t faking it. You were honest & sincere.

As well, simply expressing honest & sincere appreciation can have a huge influence on a persons decision because maybe continually when they talk to you and after a while, decide to give you an opportunity of some sort because they see you are an honest & sincere person.

Always be honest & sincere in like and show real appreciation when people do things for you!

3) Arouse an eager want in people. This one is so simple. If you want to influence a persons decision, simply find out what they really want and then give them what they want! It’s really that simple. For example, if you want your friend to go to the gym with you but they don’t really want to, simply ask them “what can I do to get you to come to the gym with me?”. If they say, “pick me up, I don’t want to drive”, then there you go! Go pick your friend up! You just aroused a want in your friend. Your friend wanted to go to the gym but didn’t want to drive so you figured out the want and provided a solution to that want!

I hope you enjoyed this article! I will be doing more articles on what I learned from the book “How to win friends & influence people” in the future. Give me a clap if you liked this article 👏🏽

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