Breakthroughs (I had one today)

Breakthroughs are one of the best feelings ever! It feels like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you aren’t stuck anymore! It finally feels like you found a path or whatever it may be and it’s amazing.

Today, for me a had a breakthrough. Lately, I have been a bit stuck on what exactly I am going to do to get to where I want to be and it really sucked. I was doing something that I thought I wanted to do, however it just wasn’t feeling right and I was having some doubts.

But today was a great day because I have figured it out and I am excited to get to work 💪🏾

So today I would like to share what I learned from my breakthrough and hopefully it can help you have one as well.

1) Take a step back. When you are stuck, flustered, and frustrated, it’s hard to think straight. You don’t know if you should keep going, stop, or try something else. Take a step back and evaluate your situation. What are you doing now and what results has it gotten you? Do you like what you are doing? Why are you doing it? Is it something you could see yourself doing 20–30 years from now? Are you enjoying the process? Ask yourself these questions. They can help you get clear on your situation and if it is right for you or not.

2) Try something else. If you feel like you are stuck, then that means what you are doing clearly isn’t working so you have to switch it up and try something else. I am not saying just leave everything that you were doing behind, but try something new. It could be a new morning routine, a daily ritual, a new hobby, surround yourself with different people, going to the gym for a workout, learning a new skill, or trying out a different industry. Whatever it is, just try it and switch things up, sometimes that is all you need to really figure out what you want to do/where you want to go in life.

3) Listen or watch a video/podcast. Sometimes listening to a podcast or watching a video will spark a new idea in your mind that you would like to do. You never know, you might learn a new skill or find out about a new industry/trait/job and that turns out it is something you come to love because you gave it a try!

Bonus) Talk to a friend or family member. Maybe they will suggest something that again, sparks an idea in your head and your off to the races. It’s as simple as that.

I hope you took some practical information away from this article! If you did, give me a clap 👏🏽

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