Stop With Your Damn Complaining!

I’m sick and tired of hearing people complain about how things never work out for them or how they don’t have the things they want in life. It just grinds my gears! (Family Guy reference 😜)

Everywhere I go, I hear people complaining about their jobs, circumstances, other people, etc. The one that pisses me off the most is people complaining about their jobs and how they don’t have enough money. Then find another job that pays more or find another way to make money!! It’s 2017, their is no shortage of money out there and there are lots of different ways to make money. Hell, you can make millions per year just from YouTube! Look at Jake and Logan Paul, they make $10-$15 Million per year from YouTube alone!! They are 20 and 22 years old by the way. They just act goofy and document their everyday life and get paid 8 figures for it.. talk about the best “job” ever! Now of course, not everyone is going to be a Jake or Logan Paul but shit, even if you get 5,000 subscribers you still get paid thousands or even tens of thousands extra per month. Now, it’s not the subscriber count that matters. What matters is the amount of views you get. If you only have a couple thousand subscribers but your videos get 50,000 views, then you are making money! I can’t tell you exactly how much, but you will be making some money! Even if it’s an extra $500 per month, that is rent for some people!

Now, back to the topic. Stop complaining! There are so many ways to make money. Get a skill, teach it to people and charge them! A great skill to learn is online marketing because you can apply that skills in any industry you go to.

It’s not the economies fault, it’s not your boss’s fault, it’s not your friend’s fault, and it’s not your parents fault. You have the ability to change your life starting now. If you hate your boss, then quit and go find another job or start your own business. If you can’t afford to just quit, then start a side hustle and start grinding from (as Gary Vee says) 7pm-2am. You do what it takes until you can quit that job, tell your boss to go fuck himself, and live life on your own terms. Just stop complaining about your job, circumstances, and other people. You have the ability to change your life.

Start now, make a vow today to stop complaining. Make sure you practice catching yourself before you are about to complain. Complaining does no good. It doesn’t improve your situation at all and just creates more anger/frustration and negative energy.

Stop complaining. Just shut up and change it!

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