This is the One Thing Holding You Back (and how to fix it)

This article is inspired by an Instagram video from Gary Vee. This is the one thing that is holding you back from achieving the results you want in life.

I came across a quick 60 second Instagram video from Gary Vee this morning. In the video, a guy asked Gary, “What do you believe holds people back from just taking action?” Gary replied with, “Other people’s opinions”. The guy then asked, “And how do you overcome that?”. Gary’s answer was priceless. He stated, “Tell your mom to go fuck themselves”. His exact words! (He meant to say “herself, not “themselves” but you get the point.

Now, I doubt Gary really meant to go tell your mom to go fuck herself (I could and would never do that. She deserves the world!), unless your mom is actually trying to tear you down and destroy your dreams. Even if she was, I don’t think she would be doing it on purpose but then again, not everyone had supportive parents! Now, Gary wasn’t talking just about your mom. He was talking about your mom/Dad/siblings, friends, grandparents, cousins, acquaintances, etc. Pretty much anybody who is criticizing or judging you. He is saying this: Fuck what they think. Their opinions don’t matter. It’s your life and at the end of your life, it’s not going to matter what your mom, Dad, or Best friend said about you. All that matters is you chose to live life on your own terms and did whatever the fuck you wanted without caring about others opinions of you. That’s all he is saying!!

So, how do you get past this roadblock of caring about others opinions of you? Sit down with your parents, siblings, friends, whoever and tell them exactly what you are going to do and let them know that their opinions of you are irrelevant. Tell them to either support you or gtfo! (Lol), but seriously, sit down and tell them that if they don’t support you then just get out. Explain how it is your life and you have a vision/goals that you want to achieve and you are not going to let anyone stop you. Now it’s up to them to decide to support you or not. It doesn’t matter to you what their answer is because you are still going to do what you planned on doing anyway. If they say fuck you and don’t want to support you, then don’t be around those people. Get out and surround yourself with positive supporting people.

So, to end this off, remember this: People’s opinions are the only thing holding you back from achieving the life of your dreams. Just sit down and let them know what you are doing and say “Either you support me or I’m gone. I’m still doing it regardless of your answer. Of course, I would love your support but that is your decision”.

It’s time to get to work and achieve the life you’ve always dreamed of 💯

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