Thoughts on my blog post: “I never thought I would become a programmer one day”

I wrote a blog article last week: I never thought I would become a programmer one day -on that post I shared my mini coding journey over the years and some pointers for beginners.

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I would like to add some more thoughts here at medium.

Programming is hard:

It takes a massive mindshift change to think like a computer scientist. I am taking a computer science course online which is helping to better understand how computers work. When you know how the machine works, it helps to realize different concepts of a given programming language.

Before I got the internet:

I did not had any access to books or person who knew how to code. Coding did not crossed my mind at all. I got interested in websites because I saw a website builder, and I was like “Yeah I can do that!”

After getting the internet:

Once again I did not look up programming or HTML/CSS. I looked into free website builders to make myself a website. One reason was, I did not had the money to pay for hosting. If I code and build a custom site, I had to host it somewhere, so I just skipped it.

WordPress days:

By the time I got into WordPress, I had the money to pay for domain and hosting. Why didn’t I look up into programming custom websites?

Maybe I was scared, or was too satisfied with WordPress CMS. Whatever the reason, I was busy with my blogging and then freelance work as a website designer.

Wasted time on switching languages/paths:

My learning path was not straightforward. I dangled around various languages and programming paths. Here is a short summary:

  • My first language was JavaScript and JQuery framework
  • Got into Java for Android app development
  • Got into Python for software or game development
  • Got into Unity, GameMaker game development
  • HTML5 canvas game development, again JavaScript
  • Realized that game dev is not my thing, so got back into web dev
  • Learnt PHP for WordPress theme development
  • Got into Ruby on Rails for web development
  • Looked into React.js
  • Took a few classed on PHP for back end development
  • Learned about Node.js
  • Spent some time choosing betwean PHP, Node, and React
  • Now learning Node.js

Looking at my learning history, I can’t say if Node is going to be the last thing I settle on. But I will try my best not to change paths again.


My journey to coding was different. It took me close to 10 years to learn the basic stuff. It took like forever to decide on a path but I don’t regret it.

If you are interested in that post, here is an excerpt and link to the original post:

Growing up I was just a regular boy. I was never good at science or maths. So how did a regular guy like me turn into a programmer, coding things from scratch?

When I get the chance to talk to people who are new to code, it reminds me how it felt when I was just starting out.

Some time ago, I met this guy at a conference. It was not a developer conference, it was more like a marketing one. While talking with him, he learned about my web development work and how I became a self taught web developer.

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