Tamfu R Fobi — An Engineering Professional Committed To Excellence

Tamfu R Fobi is an engineering professional who has successfully undertaken many complex projects with his in-depth knowledge and exceptional skill-sets. The field of engineering fascinated him since he was a small kid. His fascination with the application of mathematics; empirical evidence, and economic knowledge is perhaps one of the major reasons why he found success quite early in his career.

Purafil, Inc. is one of the companies that Tamfu R Fobi worked with at the start of his career. He served as the Project Engineer for this well-known company in 2007, when they sold an Emergency Chlorine Gas Scrubber to Aqua Ohio. In this dealing, Tamfu was the main point of contact for Aqua Ohio and worked closely with them on the shop drawings & submittal package.

Tamfu R Fobi also got the chance to work on a project called “Richland Water”, where he represented Purafil, Inc. as an engineer. With his expertise and knowledge, he proved instrumental in the success of this big project. He was particularly appreciated for promptly addressing all project related issues and ensuring all the retrofit parts that were being constructed fit and work as designed.

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