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In one of my undergrad economics courses, I remember reading the maxim Money is what Money does, a statement brought into the mainstream by American economist F.A. Walker and interpreted in a wide variety of ways in literature. In a curious twist in India, a country with a quarter of its population below the poverty line that barely has enough money to “do” things, what seems to be rapidly replacing this maxim is, Money is what Money looks like.

Despite the newest schemes on health, education and sanitation by the current government that claim an estimated increase in absolute spending in 2018–19 by around 13% over the 2017–18 figures, digging deeper into the data shows that there has been a decline in the share of spending on primary health infrastructure as well as on education as a percentage of the budget. Switch to the much debated move of demonetization in the last quarter of 2016, and post ‘stupendous success’, the economy continues to be in the throes of lingering aftershocks a year and a half later. …

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Part 1: What (not) to talk about on the first date

I date a lot. (Mum, if you’re reading this, a lot is an exaggeration) By this, I mean that in the past two years, I’ve gone out on at least one date with ten to fifteen people, ranging from friends of friends to complete strangers carefully curated from dating apps, or in one case, someone I’ve run into in a cafe. These have included coffee dates, dinners, movies, bookstore visits, poetry slams, cookouts and aimless walks or drives around town.

Now if you’re smirking at the fact that I call this “dating a lot”, well, don’t read ahead. If you’re still here, good for you. If like me, you’re less than bothered about not having Angelina Jolie-esque looks, are “not here for hookups”, have only ever awkwardly danced at weddings, and swear by hot coffee instead of chilled beer, well there’s still a date for you somewhere. So, after you’ve crafted a bio, swiped left and right, and found a person you enjoy talking to, what next? Well, you need to meet them. …

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Cleaning up controversial children’s books isn’t the answer to discrimination

One of the most striking memories I have of school involves an extempore competition that I participated in when I was around ten. After hours of fretting, wondering whether my topic would be mainstream or completely out of my league, I heard it being announced: My favourite author. …

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