Business card research

I have researched into business cards from which I have got lots of new ideas.When considering business cards make sure you research different companies well before you have any cards printed; ask for samples this is a good way to feel the paper and print quality. Look for a good price but remember you are looking for good quality as well as quantity for the price.

Look at other people’s cards. When looking at other people’s business cards I like to see how the card or paper feels. Is it a plain simple card or does it have an image in the background? Are colours used? Are the letters embossed onto the card or just printed on? What does the logo and name look like? Also how are the contact details shown and presented? There are so many ways of producing a business card.

some of the cheaper cards i have found were on these sites and start around £11.99 for 100 cards. this is the sort of thing you could create here.,

I then looked at other printers such as the following.

redcliffe-print (Bristol)

For 50 cards it would cost £145.20.

A business card is probably the most important way of getting your name out there. So it is important to make it something that people will notice & remember. Include the important things but only include relevant information don’t over crowd your card. It needs to be recognizable. It needs to show your brand.

Include things like

You are a photographer. Your name, a link to your website so they can view your work & contact details.

Remember to aim them at your target audience use a readable font and think about the colours. Advertising your baby photography studio in black may not be a good choice.

Putting your image on the card, this is something I wouldn’t want to do. Although I do like the font used and the card is strait to the point with all the relevant information needed.

Using a logo is a way to brand your work together; it’s a statement to say this is mine. It can protect your work & advertise it all at the same time. This is the Logo I use for my work.

I am currently looking to update my logo to something more suitable to the type of photography I am creating. This then maybe something I would add to my card.

I like a card to be plain and strait to the point, it looks clean, neat and professional.

Using a gimmick is a way to get people to remember you. I looked at a few cards that I thought were good for photographers.

You can immediately tell that this person is a photographer.

The contact details should be laid out well so it is easy for people to read. This is something I will be considering but I would like to keep my card minimal and clean.