Future plans.

Summer 2017

I currently have summer employment each year at Glastonbury festival. This is a very demanding job but also very rewarding, I recruit, supervise & oversee all the work in the backstage dressing room area during the festival time. I can be dealing with anything from floods to security issues the stress can be immense but I enjoy every second. This will be a nice end to the course. Following on from that my plans are: -

Sept 2017

Enrol on several baby posing courses/workshops.

These workshops can be expensive £345-£1200 for a one day course.

These I feel will not only let me see how others in the same kind of business work but gather new ideas and meet similar minded people. Some of the things that the workshops will address will be; -

Preparing parents for sessions

Managing parents for the session

Soothing and how to get baby to sleep

Setting up for sessions, and planning to pose effectively

Safe posing and pose flowing and transitioning

How to use sleep patterns to obtain the best posing with the deepest sleep

How to shoot using the correct angles and lighting


Safe use of floor and hanging props

I have booked my place at the newborn photography show in May it is held in Coventry.

It is not only a place I can buy new props but also to socialize and take part in a 5 hrs. workshop this was just £100 for the session.

I will continue to collect props that I think will enhance my images and this will be a great place to buy some.

January 2018

I plan to start working for a studio that specializes in baby photography. I have looked at several including. The Clifton photographic studio and pixifoto although these are not the kind of place I wanted to work indefinitely as they tend to be more about selling than creating the images but I feel they will be a good place for me to gain more experience. I would plan on staying around 6 months.

Summer 2018

I then will look for my own studio space there is a possibility that I maybe able to convert my garage into a studio, this will depend on costs and planning permissions.

Or I may look to rent a studio in the area. I will then introduce my new business.